You Should Do This When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Throughout most weeks throughout your life, you will feel overwhelmed, especially having high ambitions and a matching work ethic. This feeling is inevitable, and you may try preventing it as some do floods with a dam. But when the rain is excess and the river flowing rough, the dam will break. When you are feeling overwhelmed do this is what you should do.


The first of all things to do is pause because the overwhelmed feeling has you panicking. This panic affects your rush to complete tasks. When rushing, you make mistakes, and although you may finish in time, your work suffers. Due to your work's imperfections, you will redo all the work, depleting your time. Constantly making these mistakes, you may have to 'resign' from your job, setting yourself back and raising the difficulty in succeeding. As you see, the problem of feeling overwhelmed is the emotion's destructive effects. To stop it before it affects you, pause.


After pausing comes examination. Examine the day or past week to pinpoint what broke the dam. It may not be one but the accumulation of things. Remedying the problem is impossible without diagnosing these issues, so examine.


Many find these following three issues common, and the following explanations are their solutions.

Mismanagement of Time

Quite common, time mismanagement seems to, after examination, be the core issue out of which many problems arise. The primary solution to this is scheduling, dividing your time well between activities. Doing this enables you to track all your time, that well-spent and that ill-used. Also, remember that the schedule should be able to change as new developments arrive. But overall, following the schedule, you won't feel overwhelmed.

Commitment & Procrastination

That schedule is meaningless without commitment, following all the activities the schedule dictates. Not committing, you can experience two things - either you will not care to complete any activity, or you will care but try completing the activities only a bit before they're due. With the first possibility, you do not feel overwhelmed because you do not feel an obligation to perform. It's the second that makes you feel overwhelmed because you procrastinated and now time is forcing you to hurry to complete the activity. All this can cause great stress, eventually making you feel overwhelmed. So remain committed and do not procrastinate.

Difficulty of the Task

The task is only as difficult as you make it. Usually, pessimism and unpreparedness make you think the task harder. Therefore, have a joyful attitude and prepare for the task. Also, a task is a hot dog: you cannot fit it all at once, you must eat in bites. So, partition your task into small sections, making the task seem easier. For example, wanting to read a 300-page book, you should think of the book in ten-page sections. You finish the first set of ten pages then onto the next. In only 30 sets, you've finished the long book. All in all, to combat the difficulty of the task, be optimistic, prepare, and separate the task into smaller parts.So, when feeling overwhelmed, do all the recommended, and you won't feel so anymore.