This Is Why You're Breaking Out & How to Stop It

No matter what age, acne is a problem for everyone. There are many reasons behind the breakouts, but also many ways to stop it. The best way is to get rid of acne is prevention from the inside-out. Yet, each area on your face is special and needs individual attention.


Sometimes we are not aware of the amount of hair product we use. This is where most of those stubborn hairline breakouts come from. This also includes our forehead! Whether you’re aware or not, your hair products are causing forehead breakouts too. Stress is another factor for the forehead as well. There are many vitamins for better hair so you don’t have to use as much product. As long as you have your Vitamin D3  you’re good to go. Try to de-stress yourself and eat fewer fats and sugars.


Breakouts can also get to our lips. On or around, it’s unwanted. This could stem from intestinal problems or even certain infections. You should see a doctor if you may think these are the cases. But, if it seems like acne the cause could be too much greasy food like pizza, or oils from a salad dressing. If you decide a doctor visit is not needed, drink plenty of water. Also, try a lip scrub to rid of any dead skin to keep bacteria around.


If the breakouts on your cheeks are overbearing, you should see a dermatologist. Even a trip to a doctor. This could mean your body is telling you something about internal issues. Rosacea could be another explanation that definitely needs a look at. But, if your acne isn’t that intense, you need to do some cleaning. Anything that touched your cheeks could be the culprit. Your hands, sheets, even makeup brushes could be causing it.


When the breakouts reach for your chin and jawline you may not notice immediately. But, always be sure to check under your chin for abnormalities. This could be a sign of hormonal balance if the breakouts are not going away. If they keep coming back try to veggie-out with a clean diet. Like the cheeks, your problem could be coming from your pillows. This could also be from unwanted contact from your hands. Try a peel. We always do them everywhere else but our chin and neck.


Our nose is part of our “T-zone”. Stress and poor diet contribute to T-zone breakouts. Instead of fatty and sugary foods, we need to swap these with healthy alternatives. The fat in foods like avocados is what you should aim for. Also, give yourself some time to relax. Nose breakouts could be stress related too. Never try to pinch out those nose pores. But, I know you may have already. To mend the damage caused from this, some turmeric root will fix it. Next time try a charcoal mask or a charcoal exfoliate.