You Don't Need to Fall in Love

Love, isn’t it grand? It’s a bit too grand for some, honestly. Some relationships are poorly timed, and some are just ill-suited for them.Every movie, TV shows, literature, theater, all media espouses it. Falling in love, finding the one, but what if you don’t, or aren’t meant to? Or don’t feel like it? Is there something wrong with you?The Joys of LoveLove is a game; a very dangerous, tumultuous game. Don't take it lightly. Especially if there are other people besides you involved.What makes situations like this, or romantic situations in general, trepidatious, is unreasonable expectations. Not everyone likes kids, or wants kids, or does but doesn’t want to be a substitute parent. They want their own children and families that are all their own.People also have lives of their own that they like. You may or may not fit into someone else’s life. If you excessively disrupt it or have to change it forcibly, they may or may not back out. Does this mean you should try harder? No, some things are not meant to be, and some people aren’t meant to be with each other.Don’t live your life resenting someone because of your warped, biased point of view. Just because things didn’t work out doesn’t make it anybody’s fault.Often there’s unnecessary baggage because of this. Which every romantic movie tells you to power through, get past. Your relationship will be stronger, love! However, when you can’t, it’s bad.Romantic love is a drug; a powerful, temporary chemical high that shoots off in your brain. When it doesn’t work out, that’s why you feel sad and miserable. You are coming off a drug, and will never stop craving it.Although you feel the urge to rekindle an old flame or find one-look before you leap, it ended for a reason. Do you really genuinely love someone, or is it the drugs, insecurities, or your mother talking?Before you can love anyone else, you have to love yourself. It’s always good to be healthy when you start a new venture, emotionally and physically, and have no ulterior motives.What About Your Friends?Feeling like you need to be in a romantic relationship or else is unhealthy. It also undermines other relationships that you have in your life. What about your friends, family, are they not important? Do they not love you?These relationships last longer than romantic ones. They’re also more fulfilling. Such relationships provide you with other, equally valuable, types of love. That is quite often more reliable as well.It hurts when they end- and it really hurts other people when you ditch them for their latest romantic obsession. If you get married, live happily ever after, and have kids, of course, your priorities change. However, don't act like those people don’t exist, and still, call them friends.Don’t throw away a lifetime of friendship just because you’re not single anymore. If you do, and somehow, get it back, it's not the same. Of course relationships change, but in this case, it’s not an understandable or good change.You don’t need anyone else; you’re already complete. Once you realize this and become your amazing, confident self, love will come along. However, it first needs to start from the inside or outside. Who knows? Everyone has a different destiny.