Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga classes often look intimidating, and many of the poses look impossible. We have poses for beginners that will change your mind. All you need is a yoga mat and be sure to do the poses to the best of your ability and comfort.

Corpse Pose


This first Yoga pose is easy. You lay on your mat with your hands to your side and palms facing upward. Make sure your back is flat. In this position, you can close your eyes and focus on your slow breathing patterns. This pose can be used on its own when you need some thinking time. Try your best not to fall asleep.

Cobra Pose/ Half Cobra Pose


This pose is also simple. Laying on your stomach, you will use your hands to push your torso up; push your chest out with your head held high. Now, depending on what you’re comfortable with, you can go as high as you can or as much as you can. Those who cannot go up too far can relax their lower torso on the ground, and pick your chest up. This pose is the half cobra pose.

Diamond pose


The diamond pose is a great beginner pose. You sit on your feet with your back straight. Some like to lay their hands on their side, or on their lap. You may have your head tilted up or straightforward. Be sure to straighten your shoulders and push your chest out to make sure you don’t slouch your back or shoulders. You can also use your hands to take pressure off of your feet if needed.

Perfect Pose


The perfect pose does not have to be perfect. Cross your legs like the picture; they do not have to be completely crossed. Again, this requires a straight back and shoulders. But, be sure to relax them, not slouched, but relaxed. Lay your hands on your knees with your palms pointing up. This is also a good position for your thoughts to unravel. 

Chair Pose


The chair pose will give you a gentle workout. Some may not be in this pose for long, but that’s okay. Slow and steady is the greatest pace. Stand up with your legs at a standing distance, not completely together. Then squat. Put your torso at a gentle angle like the picture but to your comfort. Then put your arms at the same angle as your torso. As long as you practice daily, the pose will get easier.

Bend The Left/Right Leg Rotation


Behind the left or right leg rotation is the pose that gives you a good stretch. While sitting on your mat, cross your legs, and relax your back and shoulders. Extend one leg out, while leaving the other one still. Then take the arm on the opposite side of the extended leg. Reach over your head toward the extended leg side. You do not have to bend all the way, or even try to reach and touch the leg. Switch leg positions, so both legs have a turn extending. 

Hare Pose


The Hare Pose will also help you stretch and get familiar with your yoga routine. Sitting on your feet, you will use your hands to guide your head down. Your forehead should be touching the mat. From this position, stretch out your arms on the mat straight out in front of you. If you cannot reach your head to the mat or stretch out that far, it is fine; do the best you can.

Extended Puppy Pose


The extended puppy pose is like the hare pose. You will need to be on your mat on all fours. You will guide your head down to the mat with your hand, leaving your bottom up high. From there, you will straighten your arms in front of your head. Make sure your elbows are down on the mat. You may want to put most of your weight either on your elbows or your knees. Try to balance this pressure, so you do not hurt yourself. SaveSave

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