Writers I Aspire to Be Like & Why?

As a writer, it’s always been a blessing to have other writers that aspire you. After realizing it was something I wanted to pursue as a career other writers began to influence me. I grew up reading books by L. Divine, Zane, Tia Williams, and Cecily von Ziegesar among other authors.After watching some of my favorite TV shows, the writers started aspiring and influencing my writing. Each of the writers that I aspire to be like are all unique and have distinct writing styles.

Shonda Rhimes

The first writer that I want to be like is Shonda Rhimes. She is the creator and head writer of hit TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. I’m a fan of her shows and particularly her writing styles because she’s fearless. I began watching the show Scandal is 2013 and instantly became a fan. I enjoyed the premise, characters, dialogues, storylines, and of course the love triangle. It was also a pleasure to know that she based the show on a real person. Judy Smith is the real Olivia Pope, and she’s credited as one of the producers.Shonda Rhimes has helped to change the face and rules of television with her writing. Her show Scandal was one of the first to put a black woman in a leading role. Scandal has also given light to story lines involving politics, black lives matter, government spies, gay politicians, and much more. When I do become a full-time writer, I hope to one day work with Shonda Rhimes.

Stephen King

Stephen King is one of the most recognized writers of all time. He’s known for being an author that writes books in the horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, and fantasy genre. I became a Stephen King fan because my grandfather would watch the Syfy channel all day long. What I enjoyed about watching his movies were not the horror element, but the suspense, and realism. At first, I thought Stephen King was a disturbed person to create so many horror films. After watching his biography, I realized that was just his writing style. My favorite movies by Stephen King are Carrie, It, The Stand, Misery, and The Shining. I enjoy the stories and characters he creates. I’m currently reading Stephen King’s It and can’t wait to see the movie.


Zane is a writer that has shaped my writing skills and interests in romance. Her birth name is Kristina Roberts, and she is known as the queen of erotic. Before Fifty Shades of Grey was ever thought of Zane already had tons of erotic fiction published. I was introduced to her books by my cousin at 16 and was overwhelmed by the explicit content. However, after I continued reading her books, I became more comfortable. What I enjoyed about her books is that even though her books are explicit, they were well written. She is best known for her book Addicted, Nervous, and Heat Seekers. Each of her books is must read and will take you on a romantic rollercoaster that you won’t want to get off.

Steven S. DeKnight

He’s a writer that’s mostly known for being the head writer of the TV series Spartacus. It’s based on the gladiator that was enslaved by the Romans and led the rebellion against them. The series lasted for four seasons from 2010-2013. I began watching this series because of my cousin. Even though I had seen bits and pieces from the first season I was turned off by the explicit content. However when the season Vengeance began my family and I started watching it. The first episode I saw was pretty good, and by the third episode, I was completely hooked. I went back and started watching all the other episodes. I fell in love with the character Crixus and his love story.Every week we would watch Spartacus with excitement and fear. Steven DeKnight’s writing style was fearless and very unpredictable. As a viewer, you didn’t know what to expect because he often killed off favorite fan characters. The writing, acting, plots twists, and action is what still makes it the best series I’ve ever seen.