We Need to Recognize Women in the Music Industry More

It is becoming more and more normal for women to be in the music industry as artists like Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa, P!nk, and a handful of other female artists are currently all dominating Billboard’s Hot 100 list. They have shown that women are still able to work just as hard as men and can showcase the same amount of musical talents as male artists. Although female singers and rappers are showing that they can be just like the boys, they are still the ones who are judged more. Women are always encouraged to show more skin, change their style, and to be very open about their personal lives.

They’re Told to Leave Their Clothes On & Off

When we see an artist the first thing we look at is their face, then their body, and then their clothes. How much clothes they have on and how much clothes they should put on. Once we see the number of clothes on them some people would already decide to label them as either a “floozy" or “conservative;” there is no in between. Girl groups like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, have both been in the music scene for about five to six years, and both girl groups have shown significant amounts of success. They both have proven to the world that girl bands are back in style. However, some people are more concerned with their style choices these days. Ever since they have gotten more known, they have been labeled as “floozy” for the style options that they wear. Artists like Adele, Taylor Swift, and Tori Kelly all have an immense amount of talent both with singing and songwriting. Like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, these three artists have had a huge number of singles and albums that have made it to the top of the charts. However, the difference is, is that these solo artists are told to show a little more skin.

Their Music Doesn’t Matter

There is a wide selection of successful female artists who have been all over Billboard’s top 100 list for so many years. They have given audiences countless chart-topping singles and #1 albums. They have been consistently showing that they are killing it on the charts at the moment. Though they have demonstrated their strong vocals, what seems to matter most to some audiences is, who they’re dating or who they’re not dating, and what they look for in a significant other. Ariana Grande has been a victim to these questions after countless radio interviews asking about her current boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, and if she would instead go without makeup for a day or without her phone for a day. These interviews were supposed to help her promote her new album, but instead, they were more concerned about her love life. Another instance would be with singer-songwriter, Rihanna. In 2012, Rihanna was seen continuously promoting her album, “Unapologetic,” her new movie “Battlefield,” and her line of perfumes. Interviews that were subjected to her different projects, at some point it would move over to her current dating life or if she has her eye on anybody.

They’re Told to Get Over It

When a male artist writes a song about a past lover, he is praised for it. He shows vulnerability and courage because of it. However, when a female artist does the same thing, she is seen as too emotional, overly dramatic, and someone who “needs to get over it.” Why is that? Is it because male artists are supposed to sing or rap about music that talks about topics that aren’t surrounding past, present, or future lovers? Why is it that male artists are seen as more courageous but as for female artists they are seen as dramatic? Back in 2015, artist Sam Smith wins a Grammy Award for Best New Artist, and during his speech, he thanks his ex-lover and received endless amounts of praises after. As for artist Taylor Swift on the other hand who does almost the same thing, thanked her ex-lover for inspiring her song, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015. However, instead of being seen as someone who is courageous, she is seen as someone who needs to get over it. Taylor Swift is also known to write songs about past and current relationships and is constantly criticized for it. As for artists like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Sam Smith who also have a history of writing songs about their past relationships, they have received no backlash for it whatsoever.Women aren’t the only ones who face these types of struggles. Artists like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Harry Styles are constantly being asked who their songs are about and to undress on stage as if it would make their performance better. Men have also been sexualized; people tell them to “take it off” and have been asked about their personal lives more than their life in the music industry. As women are still struggling in this industry to show that there is more to them than their looks, they are slowly coming up to the scene and showing why they deserve to be at the top of the charts. SaveSave