Why You Should Go on A Backpacking Adventure

Traveling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller. Ibn Battuta

Battuta journeyed through Africa and parts of Asia during medieval times. Nevertheless, his dedication for exploring the world still inspires many backpackers. Backpacking is not tourism or a vacation. It's an adventure and for some, a path towards edification. Here are some reasons why you should embark on a backpacking adventure.

It's A Cheap Way To Travel

If you are interested in seeing different parts of the world on a budget, backpacking is the way to go. Apart from the plane fare, the rest of your trip will be quite economical. You may not be laying by a pool with a cold beverage and a straw hat at a resort. But you will enjoy the excitements of what traveling provides while experiencing a lot of other unexpected pleasantries. It also teaches you lessons in frugality. For example, hiking and hitchhiking or taking local forms of transportation.

Finding Yourself

Backpacking is an expedition through self-reflection. The many activities and interactions that you are bound to face have the potential to elicit new perceptions. The independence of fending for yourself (and whomever you are backpacking with) while enjoying some thoroughly fortuitous situations. Moreover, during this journey, you will see some of the most spectacular landscapes that exist, which will give you more appreciation for what nature has to offer.

Meet A Lot Of People

Travel lodges and hostels are synonymous with backpackers. A place where travelers from different walks of life converge to rest for a few days. Sharing bunk beds and communal kitchens. Numerous international travelers mingle at a backpackers hostel. Therefore you will encounter stories and culture from various countries. You may enjoy a meal from Venezuela while sharing stories of wildlife in Thailand.

It's An Adventure

Backpacking is more than just traveling; it is an adventure. Taking paths less traveled in foreign lands alone is a mystery. Add to that the numerous adventure sports you are bound to participate in. From caving to rock climbing to fly fishing to hang gliding; the activities are endless. Depending on the country, you may also, more than likely, be taking an adventurous culinary journey as well. Roadside stalls offer truly authentic food of the locals. Mingling with the friendly people, sharing a bottle of their local wine or spirit, merry nights by a fire on the beach, and listening to tunes strung on a homemade ukulele are just a few of the amazing experiences you will encounter.