Why Taitu's Botanicals Should be in Your Bathroom

I discovered Taitu's Botanicals a month or two ago, and I loved it. I currently use their lavender line, and it's the best. Each of their products are jammed packed with high-quality products. I am someone who has sensitive skin and can break out in a second, but I have found that Taitu's products have been kind to my skin.Taitu's Botanicals mission says:

To provide high quality, enjoyable bath and body products. Our goal is to cleanse the body's largest organ, the skin with ingredients suitable for royalty. Some examples of our fine ingredients are hemp seeds, jojoba, Africa shea butter, and healing Tea Tree Oil. Ground herbs and spices from all over the world are added for their skin softening qualities.


When you go to this brand there is no wondering whether or not; you are getting what you're buying. With the excellent ingredients in their products, you can be sure that you are not only putting a product that is safe but will do what it says it will. So how may one use Taitu's Botanicals' products? See below on how to use their ginger lime line.

Cleanse the Body


We all need to clean our body. We're out and about and exposing our body to harsh chemical, sweat, germs, and who know what else. When getting in the shower reach for Taitu's Ginger Lime Body Wash. What's so awesome about this $10 body wash is not only is it great for your skin, but it can be used as shampoo as well. Get your ginger lime scent going and squeeze some of the product on your hands and lather it in your hair.



The first thing you should do after getting out of the shower and drying off is moisturizing your body. Just like you should follow up with conditioner when washing your hair, you should follow up with lotion. Taitu's Ginger Lime Moisture Creme is the perfect companion to its body wash. This little bottle of heaven comes in two sizes: 2oz ($8) and 6oz ($18). Let me tell you, this cream is great, but a little goes a long way. Don't go emptying the bottle by the end of the week. Put a little on your hands and lather it on your body. This will ensure your body stays moisturized and that wonderful smell of ginger lime last you through the day.

Taitu's Botanicals Other Scents:

Taitu's Botanicals has the same products in different scents. Check out the list of scents you can purchase with their body wash and moisture creme. They also have body butters, candles, coconut oils, vegetable soups, hair and body oils (I have this one in tea tree and lavender and it's amazing!), and teas!

  1. Cherry Blossom

  2. Frankincense & Myrrh

  3. Green Tea

  4. Lavender

  5. Lemongrass

  6. Nag Champa

  7. Red Amber

Each of the products on their website are affordable, high-quality, and smell great!Have you tried Taitu's Botanicals products? Which ones have you used? Let us know below!