Why Supplementation is Necessary

Supplements get a bad name thanks to a lot of the ways they are marketed. You see big, 275 pound bodybuilders endorsing creatine and the general public automatically associates it with steroids. Here’s the thing, creatine is naturally found in your body already, and it has absolutely nothing to do with steroids, just like many supplements that you either already take or should take. That being said, if you’re not already taking a multi-vitamin, my question for you is why not? Here is why supplementation is necessary.


It is impossible for our bodies to get 100% proper nutrition just from food alone. You simply will not be able to do it. Your multi-vitamin will come in here, but don’t just go and buy a basic one from the grocery store. Go online to a sports nutrition website or research companies that have great reputations and reviews. You need an extra strength one if you’re pushing your body in the gym or on the field because your levels need to be replenished.I hope that me just telling you that you need to be on a multi-vitamin is not brand new information to you. This is something that should have been taught to you in elementary or middle school. It’s fundamental and basic. But what about other supplements?

Fish Oil

Let’s start with fish oil capsules. Fish oil is healthy fat. We need healthy fats to function and to protect our joints. If you are spending a lot of time in the gym, playing sports, being active, then you absolutely should be supplementing with fish oil to keep your joints healthy, even if the most physical exercise you’re getting is yoga. Your body will thank you for this one, trust me.

Protein Powder

Now, let’s get on to the topic of muscle building and muscle preserving supplements. Here’s the big one: Protein Powder. If you’re trying to build muscle, you need one gram to one and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you already weigh 170 pounds or more, or just don’t have a large appetite, think about how much food you are going to actually need to eat in order to hit your protein goal for the day. That’s a lot of chicken and if you’re vegan or vegetarian, it’s going to be even harder.

Whey Protein

Speaking of alternative diets in addition to supplements, if you don’t want whey protein because of its contents and origins in dairy, you can substitute with a vegan veggie protein or egg white powder protein.


Glutamine is another muscle building/preservation related supplement that I take daily and highly recommend. What does it do? For one, it aids in building and preserving muscle, boosts your performance in the gym & on the field, and even gives a boost to your digestive system as well as potential cancer & diabetes preventative benefits. Sounds pretty great right? Exactly. Our bodies actually needs glutamine in large amounts. However, most of us never get close to enough, so that’s why you need to supplement it every day.


One of the most natural, but also one of the most controversial supplements because of the lack of knowledge by the general public is creatine. Well, what exactly is creatine? It’s already naturally found in your body and produced by your liver. It helps to provide energy to your muscles, which is why when you supplement it, after a few days, you’ll notice a serious boost in your strength, which is why it’s extremely popular with serious gym goers. It’s healthy, it’s natural, it can be taken year round, and it boosts your performance.

Pre-Workout Powders

While we’re on the topic of performance, let’s talk about pre-workouts. Most of us work out in the morning before heading to work, or at night, right after work. Obviously you’re going to be running on low energy in both scenarios and may very well need a boost to get moving and pumped for the workout. The best pre-workout powders will contain a mix of caffeine, amino acids, and nitric oxide. You may be wondering why nitric oxide. Of course the other ingredients make a lot of sense, but why this? What nitric oxide will do is expand your veins, not only making you appear more vascular, but it will allow for increased blood flow during your workout, the benefits of which are better performance, better muscle contractions, fuller muscle pump, and simply more oxygen. Once again, your body will thank you.If you have any more questions about supplementation, training, or nutrition, don’t hesitate to email me at herofitblake@gmail.com or go to my website GetHeroFit.com to grab your copy of either my fat loss or muscle building e-books as well as some great gym wear.