Why I Love Watching The Show: This Is Us

September 24, 2016, NBC premiered a TV series that had all of America talking. This Is Us has people rushing home to see what will happen, setting their DVR to make sure that they don’t miss an episode and subscribing to streaming services so that they can see the show. Men and women are talking about the storyline and characters while expressing their emotions as if these fictitious characters are members of their family and the situations and events that happen really did happen. This Is Us follows the lives and families of two parents, and their three children, in several different time frames. The show will begin it’s fourth season September 24, 2019.


This Is Us centers around three siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall and their parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson. You have to pay attention to the show because it takes place in the present and uses flashbacks to reveal what had happened in their past. Jack and Rebecca were pregnant with triplets. However, sadly, only two survived when they were born six weeks premature. The third brother was born stillborn. Jack and Rebecca believed they were supposed to have three children and decided to adopt Randall. The Pearsons are a Caucasian family, and Randall is African American. Randall was born the same day. His biological father abandoned him at a fire station.

Tears flowed for millions across America when Jack died. He died when his children are 17. Rebecca remarries years later. Randall becomes a successful finance professional and marries his college classmate, Beth. Randall and Beth have two daughters and adopt a third daughter. Kevin becomes a successful actor. Kate meets and marries Toby.

Because of the many and multiple flashback frames, you get to see the Pearsons at different stages of their lives; before and after babies, when the kids are adolescents, older Pearsons, etc. This Is Us isn’t just a tear-jerker. Sometimes you are laughing and smiling as only the Pearson’s can make you do. This show is full of drama, comedy, romance, and tragedy.

Why I Love This Is Us

The show is full of flawed characters. You get to see, feel, and experience what is going on in their daily lives. You start to relate to something or someone in the show, and then you realize that there are no perfect families. However, these imperfect families laugh, cry, support, fight and help each other.  Through everything the Pearson’s have gone through, they have a bond that everyone hopes to have or wish they could have.

Women really relate to Kate because of her struggle with her weight. Because the weight of women changes frequently, we can identify with Kate’s weight struggle.

For those of us that lived in the ’80s, it is great to see and remember what was going on during that time. During those episodes, it’s like you get to walk down memory lane. For the younger ones, it gives them a glimpse into what the ’80s were like.

Jack and Rebecca are not perfect parents, and they admit it. This Is Us gives everyone a front-row seat in their house so that they can see what really goes on in their house when no one else is around. The conversations and arguments often seem too real, hence all the emotions that are felt each episode. Laughter and fun are also present.

This Is Us is about family, the great, good, bad, and ugly. Also, the revelations, highlights, and secrets that no one wants to talk about,  or face. However, week after week, we find out how and why it affects how you react and process everything today!