Where The Concept of Soul Mates Came From & Do They Really Exist?

We’ve all heard the term soul mate, but you probably never knew where the term even came from. A soul mate is a person that you share the same hopes, dreams, and future, the person that completes you and the one that makes life worth living. For years people thought soulmates came in the form of an intimate partner. However, anyone that's seen the famous scene from Sex and The City, where Charlotte says that each of the girls can be each other’s soulmates. That was a great moment in the series and a fundamental theme that many women tend to follow. Letting themselves live a life with happiness that may include a man as a soul mate but doesn't have to. Let's explore what the true meaning of soulmate means and if it even exists.

What Is A Soul Mate & Where Did the Term Originated?

A soul mate is a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. Some people define soulmate as one person, yet others have a much broader definition of it. It's a lot easier to buy into, especially because you can have many of those encounters throughout your life. Relationship experts say that when you meet someone that you feel a connection, happiness, and fulfillment with could be a soulmate. There could be many people in the world that you would click with if you met them.

The term soulmate originated from Egyptian Greek clay creation myth that says humans originated in pairs. Yet, split into two as punishment for doing something wrong to the gods. Making the separated counterparts forever wander the earth in search of their long-lost soul mate. Without finding them, they feel incomplete. Other origins were discovered, but most believe that this is where the true meaning came from.

Statistics of People That Have Found Their Soul Mates

Researchers say that 73% of Americans believe in soulmates. Contrary to what people believe more men than women believe that they are destined to find their one, true soulmate. Only 71% of women to 74% of men believe in the term soulmates. When it comes to people, fewer than 45, 79% believe in them, while 69% of people younger than 45 believe in soulmates, while only 69% of those over 45 do. 

How Do You Know You Found Your Soul Mate?

Knowing that you've found your soulmate is something truly wonderful, but it is tricky for most. The number one way to know that you've found your soulmate is when you never experience any level of disrespect for one another. In any relationship, especially intimate ones, respect is the key to making it work. Next is doing whatever you can to make the other person happy, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Having a soulmate continually means that you put their needs above your own. Seeing that person at their worst and loving them anyway is a key determination. It's what it takes to be a soulmate and have one. Finding a soulmate isn't easy, but it's definitely possible if you have faith. That's not to be said that having a soulmate means your relationship will be perfect.Psychologists say always be careful and act lovingly and don’t ever take your partner for granted