What You Should Know Before Working for a Christian Company

No need to worry about being that one Christian at work! Whether it’s a Bible publishing house or a worship-music recording studio, a Christian work environment is a great place to be. But there are a few points to keep in mind before getting on board and working for a Christian company.

You Won’t Be “Extra” Blessed

Yes, God answers prayers and financially blesses companies, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your efforts are likely to garner more money or better results because they are explicitly within the Christian realm. God does not bless one business over another simply because it's "Christian." A jewelry manufacturer won’t make more profit than its secular counterpart simply because it creates Scripture-engraved pendants. At the end of the day, God is more concerned about your heart than the depths of your pockets.

You Have to Carve Out Your Own Jesus Time

Often, I come home feeling sick of “Christian Stuff.” I’m tired of hearing Christianese from my coworkers, of being exposed to Christian media, and reading Christian literature. I just want to watch godless YouTube videos and fall asleep to an obscure literary novel. Of course, you can maintain your daily, after-work routines but don’t let work substitute your time of reading the Bible and praying. Create a chance to learn God's Word and maybe even incorporate a daily devotional. When you're having "Jesus Time," relish in the fact that you’re not doing it on the same obligatory premise that you have for going to work. You're coming to God daily because you choose to.

You Will Encounter Many Different Kinds of Christians

Even if the company specifically derives from one denomination, odds are your coworkers will make up a diverse mix of church backgrounds. You could work with people who are very open and expressive about their faith, even in work-related conversations, or you might encounter more stoic, traditional Christians with their own unique characteristics. Working at a Christian company will challenge you to have an open mind to various interpretations of theology and a deeper respect for other denominations.In my personal experience, I grew up in a reserved, Christian Reformed church but ended up working at a charismatic-Christian company where, currently, I encounter many charismatic and Pentecostal Christians. The experience has challenged me to reinvestigate my Reformed roots and ask myself, why do I believe in that? It's also motivated me to learn about certain church subcultures that not many from my background even consider as legitimate. Take advantage of being surrounded by a range of different Christians and be willing to learn about their distinct perspectives on the Bible and spirituality.

You Will Be in the Christian Bubble

You will be surrounded by Christians five days a week—six if you count Sunday morning church. This is an excellent foundation for developing a close-knit network of believers. But at the same time, your Christian coworkers will not challenge your faith in the same way that non-Christians will. They won't ask you why you believe in what you believe or encourage you to act in a way that puts your faith to the test. Plus, you won’t get the chance to demonstrate God’s love by relating to those outside the church. Get out of the Christian bubble by volunteering for a local cause or picking up a social activity, like a dance class or team sport. For me, I volunteer at a café where I can interact with customers and fellow volunteers from all different walks of life.

You Will Not Be a Missionary

Christian publishing houses, TV stations, record labels, and retail are all businesses. Of course, they spread the Word of God through their services and products, and they glorify God in what they create. But Christian companies still make a profit, and its workers earn a salary. There is always sacrifice in the workplace but not to the same degree that missionary work involves since missionaries rely on funds and work for no pay. So be prepared to be in that “business” atmosphere where driving sales are the number one goal. Christian retail, music, books, jewelry— it can be a competitive industry.

Working for a Christian Company Feels Like a Breath of Fresh Air

You can pray at your desk when you feel stressed, and you can pray with your team before meetings. You can debate theology with your coworkers at lunch. Sure, whether you work for a secular or Christian company, you “work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord” (Colossians 3:23 NIV). But the best thing about a Christian company is that everyone shares that same biblically-founded work ethic. It’s the strongest glue for holding a team together.