What to Do When You Feel Lost

There's a certain age where we're expected to "find ourselves." During this time, we shape our world view, discover our strengths, and decide what we want to do with our lives. It's simple enough on paper, but these things are in fact hard to come by. It's very easy to feel lost on this self-discovery journey, but you aren't alone. When you feel lost, here are a few things you can do to help yourself.

Ditch Social Media for Awhile

I know I sound like one of those people who complains about millennials by giving this advice but hear me out. Whether or not we realize it, social media is a constant battle of comparison. For better or worse, you always measure yourself up against others, which isn't healthy. When you feel insecure, this especially doesn't help. Step down from some of your social media and allow yourself to judge your pursuits and strengths rather than pitting them against others. Your life is your own.

Take Up Something Creative

Read a book, paint something, or jot stuff down in a journal. Try some creative activity, even if you do it badly. It's a good outlet that allows you to take your worries and frustrations and morph them into something else.

Keep the Faith

If you're a religious individual, turn to your chosen faith to guide and inspire you. The same can be said for more spiritual individuals. Whatever you believe in, it's something personal and close to you. Take some comfort in that.


Exercise, as anyone will tell you, is very rejuvenating. However, not everyone feels up to hitting the gym, and I completely understand that. If that's the case, try something as small as going for a walk or pacing around the room. Try to clear your head by getting your heart rate up and focus on the doing rather than the considering.It can be one of the most grating feelings ever to feel stuck in your life. How do you proceed? Where do you turn? I wish there were clear cut answers, but there isn't. Everyone is their own individual, and you'll figure things out at your pace. Give yourself time and try not to be terribly hard on yourself in the meantime.