What It Really Means to Take Care of Yourself


We often misconstrue self-care as a form of material value. By material form, it is implied that we may treat self-care as blanket-happiness. We often use external costs as a way to exemplify self-care, be it money, clothes, and the most important, social media. More or less, we compile many of these external pieces of material value to ensure that we are self-assured that we are properly taking care of ourselves. 

Self-care, in other words, has become subservient to the more beautiful things in life; moreover, that we subject ourselves to feeling complete so long as we have these material aspects. Although these possessions provide us with a sort of ease as we journey through this thing called life, we often forget these external values do not compensate for self-care. What makes up for living life easier should not consume the mind, body, and spirit from being adequately nurtured.


We often find ourselves in a predicament we feel are impossible to break free from. We stress over multiple things; jobs, family, when the rent is due, a sudden car payment, everything. We try to handle things all at once because one thing at a time is not in our vocabulary. The more we worry, the less we take care of our health and wellness. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines ''wellness'' as, "The state or condition of being well or in good health, in contrast to being ill; the absence of sickness; the state of (full or temporary) recovery from illness or injury (OED, n, ''wellness'')". Wellness is a universal term, but let's consider welfare as a leeway when taking care of yourself. It is fair to say we enable factors like those listed above to intervene with how we manage ourselves. However, if we take the time to evaluate ourselves and what factors lie before us, there's no questioning what can be accomplished. 


The brain is one of the most powerful muscles in our body, and what it is capable of is just as magnificent. Probably one of the essential body accessories, our minds must be treated kindly. Amid all working, balancing work and family and everything in between, we become overwhelmed with exhaustion. Our thoughts, in particular, have taken their fair share of strains having focused itself on the specific task at hand. As a result, we overexert ourselves to reach beyond our limits; we become burnt out. Before we lose them, let’s give our minds a break. As much as we utilize our brains to perform cognitive functions, consider seeking out alternatives from your daily routine (ex. Fresh air, creative writing, socializing, sleep, etc.). We become so focused on our methods, so much so, we condition our minds to our way of living. In doing so, life becomes so tedious at times that our brains give up under pressure. Break free from stress and ease your mind up for the sake of being sained.


We have all heard it somewhere; the more healthy you are with our body, more likely your body will treat you right. The body, your body, is a temple, and every right temple must be tended to with proper care, self-care that is. Aside from the mind, the body is just as vital for wellness. Every day, we continuously use our bodies (they are the factories at work) for any physical demand set before us. We are moving from one area to the next, lifting and setting down objects; it is all a consistent cycle. To ensure proper care of the body, establish specific goals for yourself. Maybe exercise three days out of the week to maintain productivity throughout the day (hint: this also helps the mind). Rest, your body is just as exhausted from the physical productivity of the day. As much as we love bad food (because it tastes so good), good food is the way to go when treating your body right. So, dig into the greens and proteins now and then, and your body will thank you. Trust me. 


Aw, the soul. It is an entity of its own. How can a person take care of a soul to take care of themselves? A soul is a life. It is not a real thing, no? Aw, but it is an internal component to us. It is its being. So, ensure your soul has something to live for in this life and the next. We often utilize material value as a mode of happiness; a ‘like’ on our social media post would bring our spirits up. That is far from the truth. 

True care in thy self comes in the form of experiences. Many factors listed above in mind and body contribute to the wellness of our soul, but the soul is different in the way we go about our lives seeking true happiness. Whether it be the memories of growing up full of imagination and wonder, finding your one true love or anything that made you whole, seek similar experiences that will benefit your sprits.