What is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety, like most anxiety disorders out there, has to do with fear. Social anxiety is caused by the intense fear of being judged negatively by other people. Anxious people feel inadequate, inferior, and extremely self-conscious. Anxiety can be quite an irrational behavior or set of behaviors. Anxiety is pervasive and all-encompassing. It makes a person think twice about what they are going to say, even if like in my case, what I have to say is funny. Then my OCD kicks in and makes me wonder if I did the punch line right. Needless to say, I need a Ph.D. therapist.


Anxiety runs an anxious person's lives. Somehow I can function despite high anxiety, which keeps me hiding out at home more often than not. Anxiety is a huge mental health problem, particularly the third largest in the United States, messing with 7% of the population. Socially anxious people are uncomfortable in any social situation, period. The fact I have work 2 Future class this week is making me a touch anxious, but I’m coping with it by saying to myself, at least it will distract me from a pending endoscopy at the end of June.


On the list of things people with social anxiety are afraid of, I’m going to say that I’m not necessarily afraid of being introduced to other people, but I’m also afraid of being teased, although not of being criticized. What is creative writing after all but an exercise in how to take criticism if you actually go to school for it? I’m definitely afraid of being the center of attention, although not of being watched while doing something. Meeting anybody in authority is something I can handle, even social encounters with strangers, so long as they do not flirt with me. I’m not afraid of going around the table saying something.

Mental Illness

The nature of anxiety is that it exists. To overcome it, medication is useful. Anxiety is very common, and you are not alone with it. Why anxiety is common is pretty much because of genetics or environmental stress. Anxiety can be both a learned behavior as well as something you were born with. Families do not often talk about their mental illnesses that are spread through the genes. Anxiety is a huge, all-pervasive feeling of dread. It scares people to death to have it. However, the feeling of anxiety is not caused by schizophrenia, although it can feel like that to the uninitiated.

Your Day

Anxiety will run your life if you are not careful with this. I read stuff about this very situation on Facebook from other people who deal with anxiety. Some stay in bed all day, and this is not my preferred way of doing things at all. I do not stay in bed all the time when I’m not feeling well. In fact, today, I plan to drag myself to Work 2 Future classes to distract myself from the endoscopy I face at the end of this month. Having a nice financial windfall is excellent, and I feel competent at saving money because I do not necessarily want to go overboard.


Anxiety can come up with other mental illnesses, including but not limited to addiction. Addicts self-medicate often enough. It is the nature of their situation. The addiction keeps going because the addict refuses to get medicated help. An addict digs their own grave this way, and they keep digging. The point is though that anxiety is treatable. Therapy does work. There are many people out there who still think therapy is hokey old-time religion stuff but who need it.Works Citedhttps://socialanxietyinstitute.org/what-is-social-anxiety