What Is An Empath?

An empath is someone who can sense the emotions of others. A telepath is someone who can read the thoughts of others, as well as emotions. A psychic is someone who practices the art of reading for people while getting paid for it. The term “psychic” means of the mind, or “I get paid for reading for people,” and I make good money doing this too. For some reason, some people feel more comfortable talking to a psychic rather than a therapist. Maybe they are threatened with therapists who have at least a master’s degree. However, at any rate, ESP happens to be real. To all those unbelievers out there, it is a huge part of my life.


I can now sit at coffee shops and bakeries while fully grounded. These skills are perfectly marketable skills. I can use them to make money just as much as my writing can make money. An empath has to know where the person’s pain is coming from to fix it with their energy. Empaths can consciously or unconsciously tune into someone else’s pain. Many of them slip into healing professions such as becoming a therapist or other work that involves healing people.

Sometimes an empath can get burned out. Empaths are born willing to listen, able to hear a person’s suffering. Empaths are sweet people but cannot put up with abuse from anybody on any level or risk making themselves very ill. Empaths sometimes take on pain of other people’s pain into their own body so that the person can function. In their body, it comes out as real physical pain with a real physical source. Sometimes, empathy is not a fun talent to have when it comes to walking into a hospital.

Empaths can feel every feeling someone else has; this is why I call them a type of psychic. Being a telempath simply means that you are a telepathic empath who understands both the thoughts and emotions of others. Either way, my empathy is a form of ESP that I cannot run away from anymore. I’m supposed to be a professional psychic, as other career-related doors do not open for me. Then again, I have to get myself nice and stable to do this. I woke up at midnight tonight with a stable reading.


I’ve made progress regarding my blood sugar control. I could practically design my own psychic website give or take my basic HTML knowledge that I want more of. The thing is, though, I have a free Wix website that I need to work on. I also am in the process of writing down the instruction manual I have in my head. I was born with an instruction manual since life made sure that I would have trouble accessing proper training from the community. My parents had not arranged for a way for me to have significant income while I was growing up. So I live paycheck to paycheck in the present. Yes, I can make a legitimate income using my talents.


All I want to do to make money is to study baking. I’d like to work at a bakery that does not use high fructose corn syrup. I’d make money giving readings, as well as working at a bakery. This is all I really want to do with my life right now until I find the energy to get my guard card and work as a security guard in loss prevention at Target. I work as a copywriter for now.