What Food Would You Like To Judge In A Taste Off?

Like everyone else, I enjoy food, whether it’s Chinese takeout or my grandma’s home-cooked food. Even though I love food, I’m not very experimental when it comes to trying new ones. At new restaurants, I pretty much always get the same thing unless someone I know recommends something new. The same goes with cooking, I pretty much stick to traditional recipes, unless I know a new recipe is good. My enjoyment for food has always been a big part of my life, and as I’m getting older, I realize I need to try something new. If you’re a fan of delicious foods like myself, what foods would you want to judge in a taste off?

Creme Brûlée 

For those who have never heard of creme brûlée, it’s a custard dessert that has hardened caramel and sugar. People say it’s normally served a little chill. The heat from the caramel warms the custard and creates a cool center. I like dessert as much as the next person, but I’ve never had creme brûlée. I’ve always wanted to try it because I’ve heard it’s so good. It’s kind of an extravagant dessert which is probably why I’ve never had it. I tend to stick to basic less extravagant dishes, but if there were a taste off, I would have to judge creme brûlée first and foremost. 

Fried Alligator

As far as my taste buds in meat I enjoy mostly poultry dishes with chicken or turkey. Yet fried alligator is a very southern dish that’s very popular in states like New Orleans. I don’t know if I would like it, but I do enjoy jambalaya and gumbo which is also a traditional New Orleans cuisine. From what I’ve heard it tastes very similar to chicken but has a thicker texture. Since I’m a huge lover of fried chicken, I’m sure I would enjoy fried alligator. 

Veggie Burger

Although I love eating meat, I understand it’s not always the healthiest choice. One of my favorites things to make is homemade turkey burgers, and they’re so good. I’ve tried black bean veggie burgers, and they’re very good. If I didn’t know I would definitely think they were meat. Yet I really want to try more veggie burgers to see if I would enjoy the taste and more importantly if the taste is better than meat. 


American’s most loved food is sushi, and while I’ve heard many good things about it, I’ve never had it. It’s just something about eating any kind of raw meat. However, I do feel like I should give it a proper judgment in a taste off. I would probably have to eat spicy sushi that was really seasoned for me to try to enjoy it. 


Another extravagant food is caviar which is very popular in 5-star restaurants. All my life I’ve heard of caviar but didn’t know until maybe a few years ago what exactly it was. Caviar is salted eggs of the fish species. It’s always served cold with pieces of bread or crackers. Whenever I start making enough money, I plan on trying the finest specimen of caviar, and I hope I like it. 


No one in my family eats or has even had oysters, but millions of people really love them. The only seafood I really eat is fish, shrimp, and sometimes crabs. I’ve never had oysters, but they’re eaten cooked or raw. Some eat them plain and others with a sauce such as lemon juice or cocktail sauce. Judging the taste of oysters would take a lot of me because they are very slimy shellfish, but I’m willing to try them. This year I plan on expanding my horizons in a lot of areas including food. What foods would you like to judge in a taste off?