Ways to Treat Depression Naturally

Ways to Treat Depression Naturally

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. Scientists suggest the cause of depression might be one or a combination of biological, environmental or psychological factors. Depression is a serious mood disorder that lasts for a minimum of two weeks and accompanied by severe symptoms that affect the way one eats, sleep, think, and feel. If you have been experiencing anxiety, hopelessness, irritability, less pleasure in activities, fatigue, restless, memory loss, sleeping difficulty or lost appetite, for at least two weeks without a clear physical cause, you may be suffering from depression.Changing the way we think, our behaviors, lifestyle and physical activities are natural depression treatments. Here are some natural tips that we might use as a natural treatment for depression:

Sleep Enough

Depression affects the way we sleep and interrupt the sleeping pattern, and lacking enough rest or sleep might make depression worse. Make a sleeping schedule and commit to it, such as going to bed nightly at a certain time. Avoid any distraction in your sleeping places, such as TV, Computer, Phone or Tablet. Do not think about anything before going to bed, just sleep, and you will feel that your sleeping time and quality are improving in time.

Be Active & Exercise

Exercising has excellent benefits on depressed people. Daily exercise such as walking can boost the good mood through secreting endorphin that makes you feel healthy and happy. Exercising promotes quality sleep, set a working out plan to ensure sleeping soundly every night.

Socialize With Trusted Relatives or Friends  

Go to a museum, park, or sports activities with friends or relatives. If you do not have anyone in your closed circle, volunteer to help or do something with your local community. Doing something new increase the dopamine levels, which associated with pleasure, enjoyment, and learning.

Set a Daily Schedule

Setting a daily schedule might help you to get back on track. According to Dr. Ian Cook, the psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA, depression needs a routine, because of depression strips away the structure from your life. One day melts into the next.

Set a Realistic Goals

A depressed person lacks the ability to accomplish anything. To push back, set realistic short-term goals for yourself. Most people are impatient on long-term goals, which might be depressing while short-goal makes the depressed person happy after achieving the planned goal and then encouraged to take on another purpose.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Watch what you eat because depressed people tend to eat extra meals. Carrying an extra weight will make you feel depressed. Controlling your diet and marinating a healthy weight will get you feeling better than ever. Scientists suggest that food rich in Omega-3 and Folic Acid might improve the mood of the depressed person.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Depressed people experience a mental challenge that might lead to the worst possible conclusions. Use logic as a natural depression treatment. For example, if you feel like your wife is cheating on you, ask yourself this question, is there evidence on that? If you feel like your boss at work hates you,  is there evidence on that? Practice the logic, and in time, you will beat the negative thoughts before they get out of control.

Have Fun

Do not let depression blind the beauty of life in your eyes. Life is beautiful, and there are many things to do to enjoy and have fun. Plan things that you used to enjoy even if you do not enjoy them anymore, and do not forget that having a good time is a practice and then it will become a habit. Keep going out with friends to lakes, movies or theaters. There is nothing in this life worth one day of feeling down or depressed, so enjoy and have fun.     

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