How Unleashing Your Creativity Can Help Ease Anxiety

Creativity Is Essential for Our Wellbeing

Studies show that many creative people suffer from various forms of anxiety, this is most likely due to their keen observation of emotions and feelings. These things are best expressed through a creative outlook like painting, drawing, writing, etc.  For most people with generalized anxiety, it can sometimes feel impossible to do certain tasks; specifically ones that are part of their routine.  Recurring thoughts and worrying are just a few of the downsides of anxiety which begs the question, "Can we ease our anxiety naturally?"Anxiety is disheartening, but you shouldn't let it stop you from doing what you love and discovering new ways of coping with the stress. Since the mind is constantly overwhelmed finding other ways to occupy the time are essential to your wellness. The key is in dividing time for the little things that make you happy, which can also boost creativity.

Remaining Focused

With all the overwhelmingness that comes with anxiety, it's important to discover ways to be smart and focused,  specifically on one topic, issue, or task at a time.  And by expressing our feelings and worrying through our creativity and hobbies, there is a rewarding factor.  Many artists today use their creative talents to tell a story and express their emotions which can also be a challenge.   Because it forces those, who are struggling to face their fears.For example, popular musician and artist, Lady Gaga, also suffers from racing thoughts and other symptoms of anxiety. However, she finds that expressing herself through her work (like music) helps her channel the stress and feel confident in her skin.  Creativity almost acts as a stress relief once you understand the platform that fits you best.

Challenging Your Fears

This challenge is more common today than ever because of how much we as individuals go through on a daily basis-- balancing a social life, work, school, and also social media.  There is the pressure that surrounds us to hide our feelings, especially regarding mental illness.  However, these creative hobbies are also part of our comfort zone because we can rely on our talents more than the hidden workings of our mind.  And because of this, it's important to challenge our fears through creative expression. We are making connections from what restrains us to the workings that free us, and this alone is an accomplishment.