How Unexpected Blessings Are Examples of God's Love for You

Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes we are unaware of unexpected blessings. It can be hard to see the truth through the fog sometimes. We are not aware of what is best for us or even how to handle what life may throw at us. However, unexpected blessings are examples of God’s love for you.

Small Rewards Mean That God is Listening

When you ask God for small requests, He will send you what you need. Even if we are not sure how it will happen, God always hears us and answers us. It just may not happen immediately, or it might happen that way after all. The things that touch my heart are when I am exhausted and need something as simple as a pen to write with. I look all around for it without seeing one, but then I find one in my pocket.

We Do Not Always Know Our Path

We do not always know our path, but God does. We may think we have our lives planned out, but rarely does life turn out that way. Having unexpected plans and blessings can lead to new discoveries of ourselves. We can realize a new dream or our true purpose in life.

Love is Unexpected

Love can come to us most unexpectedly at the most unexpected time. Whether that means that we find our best friend, become closer to a parent, or even find the love of our lives, God is providing us with what we need. Perhaps even if we have not made a specific prayer for what we need, our hearts were always aware of what was lacking. God will bring that love you need into your life.

Career Change

We may have decided on a career long ago, but if it is no longer fulfilling, sometimes we must seek God’s advice. If we pay attention, He will lead us to where we are supposed to go. Sometimes we must go through experiences to make us stronger and help us to better prepare for our true role. You might have recently developed a passion for business or enjoy working with children. Whatever it is that brings your heart to life, that is where your career should be. God is calling to you.

Life, in General, Has Blessings

Every morning that we are awake and can see the sunrise means that we have another chance to fulfill the plans that God has for our lives. Even through doing the mundane, everyday tasks, the clouds in the sky and the children playing in the park remind us of how precious life can be. God reminds us every day that there are blessings all around us.