The Ultimate College Guide to Finals Week

The week of triple shot lattes, quality time spent at the library, and excessive amounts of flash cards are approaching. Whether you’re observing from a distance or already clutching a Red Bull, this advice will help you through the week. Welcome to the ultimate college guide to finals week.

Use, Don’t Abuse

While caffeine is great, overdoing it will eventually make you feel miserable and will negate its benefits. Since declaring caffeine entirely off limits would be impossible. However, it’s important to drink it in moderation. That means drinking an equivalent amount of water for every caffeinated beverage and refraining from more than two caffeinated drinks per day. This is especially important when you consider how much sugar coffee and energy drinks contain. It’s also recommended that you keep your caffeine intake reserved for earlier in the day so that your sleeping routine doesn’t suffer when you do have time to rest.

Sleep Normally

Many students claim that an unusual sleeping pattern with sporadic naps is the best way to navigate finals week. While that may work well for some, it is best to try to keep to normal sleeping habits as much as possible. Whether that means focusing more during the day so that you can sleep at night, or choosing to study less to get a full night of sleep, it’s worth it. Good sleep can change everything about your discipline and attitude towards finals.

Stay Healthy

Eating junk food may sound like an excellent idea during a 2 a.m. study session, but it will make you feel gross in the morning. Since snacking helps keep the restlessness at bay when you’re studying, you don't have to cut it out entirely. Just try snacking on healthy food, like grapes or carrots, instead of a donut or chips. Eating right and drinking plenty of water will also keep you from getting sick during finals week. Healthy living applies to exercise too--sometimes a good sweat and some healthy adrenaline are exactly what you need to feel refreshed and ready to hit the books again.

Give Yourself a Break

Ultimately, the best way to get through finals week is to try your best and then give yourself a break. While grades are important, stressing yourself out over them and making yourself miserable in the process is not worth it. There’s only so much you can do, so once you’ve done everything you can, let it go. Life has a way of working itself out, and finals week is no exception. Besides, it’s only a week, and then you can put the Red Bull away--until the next round of finals, at least.