Try These Things to Have a Healthier Morning

Rising at 5:00 A.M and utilizing the early morning hours before work is the key to a productive and healthy lifestyle. Health scientists claimed that morning people are more proactive and fruitful. Famous people discovered the benefits of raising early. Some of the early risers were Margaret Thatcher the former prime minister of England who was up daily at 5:00 A.M. Frank Lloyd Wright the famous American Architect who used to rise at 4:00 A.M. Robert Eger, the CEO of Disney who used to wakes at 4:30 A.M. After rising early, successful people do theses 5 things for healthier mornings.

Morning workout

Researchers indicated that morning exercise improves sleep and promote weight loss. Consider your morning exercise as a business appointment that you cannot cancel easily. Whether it is a morning yoga session, a quick bedside set of pushups, stretching or a trip to the gym, exercising before work gives you a boost of energy for the day. Morning workouts eliminate the possibility of reneging on your cardio after a long day at work as well.

Eat a healthy breakfast

The first meal of the day is the most important meal; our bodies need that morning fuel to perform well, help us concentrate, and keep moving at the highest pace. The morning workout combined with healthy breakfast is the key to winning competitions. Whether your first meal is early in the morning or later in the day, the first meal should deliver the energy and nutrients you need to comply with your day's commotion list. Before eating breakfast, I advise everyone to mix a small tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a tablespoon of unfiltered honey right after you wake followed by a full glass of warm water to clean your intestine and gut.

Prioritize your activities   

Maximize the potential of your achievements by mapping out your goals and schedule for the day. The early hours of the morning, the clear thoughts and the quietness of the morning foster easier reflection to prioritizing activities and organize the daily operations. Early morning planning and mediation help in clearing the mind from yesterday’s stress time, enhance the positive mood and helps in setting up your attitude for a long busy day. Take a moment to visualize your day, focusing on the successes you will have. A few minutes of visualization and positive thinking can help improve your mood and outlook on your workload for the day.

Finalize your action plan

After prioritizing your activities, it is time to have your action plan and to do list ready. Prepare to brainstorm and capture all the measures in the “to do list.” You need to decide which task is necessary today and commit to doing it immediately. Do not check e-mail nor do anything else until you finish those tasks and you will feel then without any doubt that you are making progress towards your outcome.


Take a 30 minutes break and review your day. What worked? Where did you focus? Where did you get distracted? What did you learn that would help you be more productive tomorrow? The power of rituals is their predictability. You do the same thing in the same very repeatedly. Therefore, the outcome of a ritual is predictable too. If you choose your focus deliberately and wisely and consistently remind yourself of that focus, you will stay focused. It is simple. This particular ritual may not help you swim the Atlantic Ocean while towing a cruise ship with your hands tied together. However, it may just help you leave the office feeling productive and successful.