How to Trust God When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

We all have certain things we are hoping and aspiring for within our lives. We hope to find true love, to accomplish our dreams, to live and make beautiful memories, to have families, to get married, and to live the seemingly impossible dream. But what happens when life does not go as planned? What if life is filled with heartbreak, divorce, divided families, unanswered prayers and dreams, mundane living, and a career you dislike? What happens when you have asked God in faith for what you want, but nothing turns out as you planned?

God Is Aware of Our Pain

There is nothing that has happened to us that God did not already know would happen. He knows our lives from our first breath to our last and everywhere in between. The pain that comes through our lives is part of His plan and can help us to grow if we can learn from our experiences. No one likes for life to be difficult or to provide unpleasant feelings, but without these, we would not appreciate the great times. From our pain and our experiences, we learn to reflect on and cherish what matters most in life.

Growing Through Pain is A Process

While growing through the pain of bad experiences, there will be both good and bad days. Be encouraging to yourself on the good days, and be patient with yourself on the bad days. No matter who has hurt you or what others might say about you, God knows your heart and the truth. God knows you, and He knows what your future holds. Remember all of the times that God has brought you through; He will continue to bring you through these times as well.

Experiences Can Be A Testimony

Your experiences can be used as a testimony to help others as well. Perhaps someone else might go through a similar experience; you can encourage them and help through to get through it. Remember that as life goes on that, it will get easier to handle the stressful situations you are facing. When life does not go as planned, look to God to guide you through.