Why Traditional Dating Methods Still Work

In today's fast-paced society, instant gratification and quick results seem to be the goal. To that end, online dating or speed dating is becoming a more acceptable method for meeting people. In fact, fifty-nine percent of Americans think online dating is a good way to meet people. It is the prevailing belief that traditional methods simply are not worth the time investment. This is far from true. Here is why traditional dating methods still work and can be a breath of fresh air from the hands-off approach to online dating:

Organic Connection

There is merit to the online process. Lately, we hear about how so and so met their current girlfriend online, or people getting married after originally being matched on a dating app. However, for every story of success with online dating, there are two horror stories to go along with it. This can sometimes occur from how aloof and impersonal the online connection begins. We fail to truly get to know a person online before we meet them, and then wonder how we end up with a raging alcoholic or frothing racist on the first date.Despite emojis, conveying emotion or ideas through text is only so effective. The organic connection that comes from meeting someone in person instead of online creates a much more personal bond. Online dating makes it easier to ignore or drop someone entirely for other options.  This is one of the strengths of online dating, but also a weakness as it can diminish the quality of connections that you make. The organic connection means that much more, and creates a stronger initial connection than one made online.


Approaching someone in a physical place can help clue you in on their interests. Contrast this with a dating app or site where bios are often optional and can leave us shooting blanks with conversation starters. Imagine if you met a person in a bookstore or at a bar, where you can get an idea of what sort of things they may be into. It cuts down on the variables and makes dating just a tad less of a guessing game. Also, consider that people at bars and clubs are already looking to have fun and meet people. These environments may be less tense than the message boxes of Tinder or Plenty of Fish, and a good portion of people at these places are likely to be single.


People are lauded for elaborate approaches with icebreakers online, while mundane approaches are considered irrelevant or inadequate. While creativity is a factor, people are more approachable offline in this respect. People, especially women, have inboxes full of ignored messages simply because they are receiving so many similar messages. Offline approaches are not as common and are likely to be better received than a Tinder one-liner.Dating is complex no matter how you approach it, but there is merit to meeting people organically. Give the traditional approach a try. Go out, have fun with friends, and put in the effort to meet a significant other.