Top Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Animal

When you are thinking of getting a new pet, adopt one from a local shelter or pound. There is an immense homeless animal epidemic in our nation. Seven million new cats and dogs will enter shelters this year alone. There are a lot of misconceptions about shelter animals, but the truth is that they make the greatest pets. Here is why you should adopt and not shop.

You Will Save a Life

When you adopt an animal, you are saving the life of one of the 2.7 million adoptable animals that will be euthanized this year. I’m sure you have heard of no-kill shelters. I love the idea and appreciate the effort, but the truth is that it is impossible to maintain. No kill shelters usually have a capacity limit, so it comes back to the same problem--numerous animals remain homeless and/or will be euthanized by other shelters or pounds. Each shelter is different, but at the end of the day, no-kill shelters will never work efficiently. The only way to save the animals' lives is to adopt them. Homeless animals are in dire need of homes. Go save a life.

They Know They Are Adopted

My family has four rescue animals. There is no doubt in my mind that each one knows they are adopted. They become attached and bond to you instantly. You can notice a newfound glimmer of happiness and hope in their eyes, and an excited energy is reborn as they realize they will not have to spend eternity in a small cage. They protect you and love you 100x's more. There is just this extra dose of appreciation that comes from them.

You Will Save Money

Shelters animals cost less. You could end up spending $1,000 on a purebred dog or cat. However, a shelter animal can cost anywhere from $50-100. Along with this, shelters often have specials. My local SPCA had a Christmas special last year where all animals were only $25 dollars. You will save a great deal of money, but you will not be skimped out on an incredible pet.

You Will Help Fight Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are disgusting; I think everyone agrees with this. Many times when someone buys an animal, they are unaware that the animal came from a puppy mill. When you adopt from a shelter, you know for a fact that the animal you are adopting comes from a respectable place or organization. When fewer animals are bought from pet stores and fake breeders, more puppy mills are forced to shut down. Therefore, you are fighting against puppy mills by simply adopting from shelters.

You Will Become An Advocate For Shelter Animals

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you automatically become an advocate for shelter animals. Every time you post a picture of your new furry companion or introduce him or her to a family member or friend, more people become informed about the homeless animal epidemic in our nation. You are single handily making a difference in millions of animals’ lives.

How To Help Shelter Animals Without Adopting:

-Donate money or items to shelters. Shelters often need food, dishes, cleaning supplies, beds, toys, and towels.-Neuter and Spay Your Animal. One reason there is such a huge overpopulation of animals in shelters is that of the lack of sterilization of pets. Undesired litters are often sent to shelters. When you neuter and/or spay your pets, you are taking the proper precautions in preventing future homeless puppies and kittens.-Take Responsibility. Another major reason animals enter shelters is the lack of responsibility from owners. People feel like they are allowed to surrender their pets to shelters when they become a burden. When you adopt an animal, you are taking responsibility for that animal’s life, health, and future. Unless the animal is causing physical harm to people or you are no longer able to care for it due to health reasons, there is no valid excuse for getting rid of a pet.-Advocate for shelter animals. There are times when you cannot take in an animal, and it is okay. However, let other people know that they should adopt shelter animals instead of buying them from breeders or pet stores.-Volunteer. Many shelters need volunteers to just play with the dogs and cats. This allows the animals to become more socialized and gives them playtime. Along with this, volunteers may help by feeding and cleaning the animals. Every person counts.-Foster an animal. Most shelters have animal foster programs, which is where you take in a dog or cat until the shelter can find a permanent home. The shelter usually pays for most of the animal's expenses. This program saves many lives. The more fosters there are the fewer animals they have to euthanize. Therefore if you wish to care for an animal short-term, you should look into fostering.Join me in support of shelter animals. Adopt. Don’t Shop.