Top Playlists To Subscribe To on Spotify

The typical summer begins with the right inspiration so why not seek out that perfect Spotify playlist? If you are looking for the right songs for a road trip, lacking in confidence, planning a girls night, or jamming on your own, Deliberate Magazine has everything you need for a summer of bliss and music paradise.

Boost your Mood

Mood Booster playlist via Spotify remains one of the top playlists on the music streaming site. Not only is it updated regularly but the music offers an upbeat vibe that is sure to make anyone smile.  From waking up in the morning, walking the beach, or even the commute to work, let this playlist take the stress away.  With songs like Luis Fonsi's Despacito (feat. Justin Bieber) to Good Times by All Time Low, expect the perfect accommodation for any mood.

Focus On What Matters

Whether you experience a lack of focus or anxiety, the Deep Focus playlist is a must for students and listeners everywhere; assuring improved concentration.  The playlist includes 141 songs and a following of over 2 million subscribers. The songs range from gentle sounds to classical music allowing listeners to focus on the task at hand without any distracting lyrics or sounds.

Work It Out

Looking to build your confidence and kick butt at your next workout? Look no further than Spotify's Power Workout.  Summer shouldn't be stressful because it's all about soaking up some rays, spending time with friends, and feeling confident.