My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

YouTube is a website I visit practically every day. Whether it’s for workout videos, listening to music, or watching my favorite YouTube shows.

As I was looking at random videos one day, I came across this video with these two guys. They were talking about the latest events that were happening in the entertainment industry. I went back and found more of their other videos and couldn’t stop watching them. Later I found out the show was called The Skorpion Show and I became a subscriber. It was the first YouTube Channel I subscribed to, and since then I’ve been a loyal fan of theirs. From watching them, I found other YouTube channels that I watch on a daily basis. Each of these YouTube channels is responsible for me starting and expanding my own.

The Skorpion Show

The hosts Kevin and Makael are the hosts of the Skorpion Show. Nine years as a YouTube show they have over 147,000 subscribers. They have interviewed celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Luke James, Brandy, K.Michelle, and Jenifer Lewis to name a few. The Skorpion discuss topics about the entertainment, news, gossip, reality TV shows, and much more. They even have an online store with logo T-Shirts with their sayings. If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Have several seats” it’s originally from Makael of the Skorpion Show. If you want to watch some videos that are both hilarious and informative, then subscribe to The Skorpion Show today.

Bondy Blue

This YouTube channel was started about five years ago and has over 35,000 subscribers. Britney is the host; she has great content and real opinions. She does reviews on scripted and reality TV shows such as Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Power. Britney also does videos giving advice and talking about the latest news topics. What interested me in her videos is how she imitates the people from the shows she reviews. She’s a very distinctive channel because she can also sing well. Check out her channel

Zachary Campbell

As a recent subscriber of Zachary Campbell’s channel, I would have to say he is one of the most entertaining. His channel consists of reactions to the latest music videos and music award shows. He has a very exciting and energetic personality. He is from my hometown Michigan, had over 200,000 subscribers and was featured on Beyoncé’s formation tour. So, he is very popular on YouTube and one of my favorites. Please check out his channel you won’t be disappointed.


MuchlovefromKy has one of the most endearing YouTube channels. Her name is Nina, and she's a breast cancer survivor and uses a wheelchair because she has paralysis in one of her legs. I’ve been a subscriber of hers for about five years, and she even follows me on Instagram. She’s from Kentucky and has a very distinctive southern accent. Her channel has videos on reality and other scripted TV shows. She also does product reviews and has over 46,000 subscribers. Check out her channel she’s very entertaining.

Tha Show

Tiffany and Tanaea are hosts of Tha Show. They are very opinionated when it comes to their reviews they often get into arguments with each other on the show. Tha Show is most known for their reviews on the popular TV shows Scandal, Power, and Insecure. They have over 3,000 subscribers and record videos every Mondays and Thursday. They were also featured in Beyonce’s Formation Tour. Please subscribe to their YouTube channel.