Three Unique Board Games You Should Try

Need to spice up a family game night, or maybe just find some fun games for the company? Here are three unique board games that you should try.



SeaFall by IronWall Games is a unique, interesting concept for a board game. It falls under the category of a "legacy game," which is a game that players must play multiple times before a given session concludes. The average game will go on over fifteen two-hour sessions and includes four-six players. SeaFall is a deep strategy game and has many moving parts. The game revolves around sea exploration, and players compete for resources and Glory. Resources allow the players to invest in ventures on the board, while Glory is the key mechanic necessary to win and determines which player wins a given session. The rulebook includes rules for raiding other players holdings, hiring advisors, developing land, and making trades. SeaFall can be bought through IronWall Games.

Eldritch Horror


Eldritch Horror from Fantasy Flight Games is a one-eight player board game that creates a horror co-op experience on the tabletop. Each game is quite a time commitment; some groups may spend up to four hours completing one session. However, the game is very challenging and fun to run to completion. The setting is based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, which makes for unique encounters, exciting challenges, and horrific monsters. The players must work together to overcome an elder horror who are evil gods that desire humanity's destruction. Each player plays as an investigator with unique talents and abilities. Together, they must coordinate and confront one of several elder gods and their minions to prevent an apocalyptic event. You can find Eldritch Horror on Fantasy Flight Games for $60.

Cutthroat Caverns


Cutthroat Caverns from Smirk and Dagger is a three-six player board game that focuses on mixing betrayal, and cooperation. The game has a unique premise; players must coordinate to survive, but only one player can win. Players score points through individual cards and by scoring the killing blow on monsters. Participants announce how much damage they are willing to do on a monster, and do not roll dice to do so. You are encouraged to work against, and with your fellow players. One player going down during the game could spell the end for the entire group, as the goal is to escape the caverns. This game might create a bit of enmity between friends; however, it is a fun experience. Cutthroat Caverns can be purchased from Smirk and Dagger games.

Looking for Other Games Like These?

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