Three Great Protein Shake Mixes

Protein shakes can often be instrumental in a fast-paced, healthy lifestyle. They provide great recovery after lifting and help curb appetite for weight loss. Here are three great protein shake mixes that deliciously meet your nutritional needs.

Peanut Butter w/ Fruit

Peanut Butter is the age old addition to protein shakes. You'd be hard pressed to find a fitness enthusiast who has never put peanut butter in a post-workout smoothie. The mix is pretty simple; peanut butter (crunchy is the favorite of this author),  nearly any kind of berry or sweet fruit for sugars, milk, and one to two scoops of protein powder. Bananas are probably the best fruit to use in this mix. The peanut butter buries the taste of most berries; however bananas keep their distinct flavor in spite of the mixed ingredients.

Dark Chocolate w/ Almond Butter

A little bit of chocolate never killed anyone, so try a shake with dark chocolate once in a while. Dark chocolate could mix in well with just about anything (fruit, other types of spreads, etc.). Almond butter seems to shine as an ingredient for consistency. A frozen berry mix will give a bit of tang to the bitterness of dark chocolate and the stickiness of the almond butter. This is a great tasting mix, however, try to enjoy it sparingly. The nutritional content pales in comparison to the other two offerings.

Quick Start Shake

The Quick Start Shake is a recipe from that they highly recommend. The method requires you to squeeze the juice from three fresh oranges, and then add protein. This recipe may not even require a shake mixer, though mixing by hand might alter the shake's consistency. This mix is a fantastic early morning shake to give you quick energy, and prepare you for the day ahead.Experiment when making shakes, and find a recipe that works for you.Shakes aren't the only important drink in a healthy lifestyle. Click here to learn about the effects that water has on your metabolism!