Three Great Mobile Apps for Saving Money

The functionality of our mobile phones has allowed for tons of helpful apps to be created. Sure, dating apps, the Facebook App, and mobile games get a lot of love. But some great mobile apps can help you save money. Here are three apps that can help you pinch pennies, and get the most out of your bankroll:


Most people have heard of Groupon, but it is still worth a mention. Groupon finds local deals in your area for basically everything; expect deals on shopping, dining out, sky-diving, and massages. Groupon works directly with merchants to create business for them and fantastic deals for customers. Download and browse Groupon for deals before committing to an activity, and save yourself a ton of money.


ProsperDaily is an app designed to manage your bank accounts on the go, and keep you informed of spending habits and credit score. You can check on your balance and charges anywhere, and create a budget to keep track of your spending. You can also review each charge individually and immediately report fraudulent spending through the app. It is an incredible convenience to have your cards and accounts all available in one place, and receive messages about your accounts while mobile. ProsperDaily functionality and versatility make it an excellent money management app.


GroceryIQ allows you to build grocery lists and manage them as you shop. It offers a bit more functionality than your standard paper and pen list of old. With GroceryIQ, you can find specific brands of items in your favorite stores, compare prices on the fly, and organize your list by aisle automatically to cut down on shopping time. You can also create a list of favorite items to quickly add them to your grocery list when you head out for the next grocery run. GroceryIQ even lets you add the specific size or quantity of items on the list. Save yourself some time (and paper), and download GroceryIQ to make shopping trips simple.There are plenty of apps that can help you save money. If these haven't quite done it for you, check out this list via SaveTheStudent for more money-saving apps.