These Foods Are About to Get Cheaper at Whole Foods

In June, Amazon and Whole Foods were negotiating a deal on merging the two companies. Well, my friends, the day is coming. On Monday, August 28th Amazon will acquire Whole Foods, and there's a lot of good coming from it. If you're a fan of either of the companies, you're going to want to hang tight and continue reading this article.If you're an avid Whole Foods or Amazon shopper, you've probably already heard the news on their acquisition. I have to admit; I was a little worried about the acquisition (and, part of me still is). The two companies, to me, are different. I like being able to walk into Whole Foods and know what I'm grabbing is high quality, organic, and for the most part cruelty-free. With them merging with Amazon that could change.Regardless of my opinion on the merger, better things are coming Monday. Yes, Monday. Starting Monday specific items will become cheaper. There's also talks about Amazon Prime member getting extra perks at the store as well. Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer primary goal with this acquisition is "making high-quality, natural and organic food more affordable."I shop at Whole Foods for most of my groceries. Whether it be at Whole Foods or their 365 location in Silver Lake, CA. I always found my food to be better quality and last me the whole week when I get it from Whole Foods rather than Trader Joe's or Ralph's.But, let's be honest. Whole Foods is not cheap. My bill at the cash wrap can sometimes be $20 to $30 more than if I would have grocery shopped somewhere else. Now that Amazon acquired Whole Foods we may be seeing a drop in our final bill. Let's just hope the quality doesn't suffer.Some of the other great perks of this acquisition is that Whole Food's house brand 365 will be available for purchase on Amazon. This can be great or not. Let's just hope we don't become too lazy to leave the house. Whole Food locations are also rumored to have Amazon lockers on site so you can pick up and return items. I don't know about you, but sometimes I binge shop on Amazon and two days later I'm thinking what in heavens was I thinking? If this happens, you can now pick up, return, and shop for your groceries at the same location.Like I mentioned before, Amazon Prime members may get more perks that non-members. There isn't much information on what those perks will be or when they will roll out. But, if you're not a member yet I hope this convinces you to sign up.Here are the items you should wait to buy on Monday at Whole Foods.

  1. Whole Trade Bananas

  2. Organic Avocados

  3. Organic Large Brown Eggs

  4. Organic Responsibly-Farmed Salmon & Tilapia

  5. Organic Baby Kale & Baby Lettuce

  6. Animal-Welfare-Rated 85% Lean Ground Beef

  7. Creamy & Crunchy Almond Butter

  8. Organic Gala & Fuji Apples

  9. Organic Rotisserie Chicken

  10. 365 Everyday Value Organic Butter

Let us know what you think about the acquisition below!