The Unspoken Rules of Social Media

Social media is fairly new, yet it has become an entire culture in the years of its existence. There are “common courtesy” acts that only relate to the social media culture, as well as a list of what not to do. No one had to explain or lay out the rules. We simply developed an unspoken what to do versus what not to do list over the years. Feel lost on social media? Here’s some guidance for you.

You Can’t Like Old Photos

One of the biggest rules is that you cannot like photos that are over a few days old. Thanks to Instagram’s new algorithm (throwing out chronological order), you can maybe get away with liking a week old photo. If you go back and like an old photo, or even worse, several photos, that person is going to know that you went out of your way to “stalk” his/her profile and think something is wrong with you. Even though we all stalk, you shouldn’t be letting them know about it.There is, however, one exception to this rule. If you’re using social media to flirt, sometimes like a couple of old photos can get that person’s attention and express attraction without saying a word. This is a ballsy move, but sometimes it works.

Be Kind to Active Followers

If people constantly like your photos and you never toss them alike, they will stop interacting with you. It’s only fair to return the favor every once in a while. We all post photos we like and want to share with our followers. Therefore, if you expect people to care what you post, show them the same courtesy.

Don’t Like Your Own Post

People really do this. Obviously, you like the photo since you’re posting it for everyone (or at least your followers) to see. In the long run, no one cares if you have 104 likes instead of 105. It just looks like you’re desperate for one more like. For those who do it to even out the number of likes (making 219 into 220), you never know if someone is going to come along later and randomly like your photo. One more like isn’t worth it.

Limit Your Posts

No one has a problem with you posting once a week, or even once a day. We follow you for a reason, and that means seeing your face and your life. It does, however, get exhausting if you post multiple photos in one day. Unless you’re a social media influencer, there’s really no reason to since Instagram has photo albums. You’ll only lose likes by posting more than one because there are only so many likes you followers can give before they start scrolling past your content.The exception to this rule is Twitter, but again, you don’t want to abuse it by tweeting every five minutes. Quality over quantity people!

Animals Deserve All The Hearts

Instagram has a new(ish) rating feature. Many people use this to ask “How cute is (insert puppy or kitty here)” and it gives you a scale to show love for the animal. No animal deserves less than a 100% rating. Seriously, you’re heartless if you can’t give that dog or cat all of the hearts or whatever the emoji on the scale is. All pets are cute. Don’t be rude.

Be Generous with Memes

No one will ever be upset to open their phone and find a funny meme. It’s that easy to brighten up your friend’s or significant other’s day. Especially if they constantly tag you, it’s your job to return the favor.Of course, we all know to ignore our grandparents breaking all of these rules too.