The Truth About Happiness

Everyone desires happiness. However, happiness, or being happy, is not exactly what it seems. Additionally, it is much easier to be happy than most people believe. Below, I touch on a few misconceptions about happiness and reveal the truth about living a blissful life.

Happiness Is Not A Destination

Happiness is a journey. You will not achieve happiness when you land your perfect job or when you finally finish school. You will not find happiness when a particular event happens. No matter how perfect your life seems or looks on the outside, you will always have moments of both happiness and sadness. The journey of life is filled with ups and downs. Even if you have the so-called perfect life, there will still be days when stress, sadness, anxiety, and other dreadful emotions are existent. So, do not look at happiness as a destination that you will reach when all of your dreams come true. Instead, just be happy now. Discover those joyful aspects of your life in the present time.

Happiness Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Everyone’s joy is different. Maybe, you love the ocean. Perhaps, you love animals or music. Enjoying different hobbies is fine. Everyone will see happiness in a different light. Some people want to travel. Others want to stay home. At the end of the day, do what makes you happy. Forget what society preaches is fun and what your friends find enjoyable. There will always be negativity from other people; you cannot please everyone. As long as you are enjoying life, you are doing it right. Live a happy life your way.

Happiness Is Not Money

We have all heard it, but how many people actually live it out or believe it. Happiness is not found in materials. No matter the amount in your bank account, happiness is not guaranteed. Money is not everything, nor will it ever be. When you are on your deathbed, your extravagant mansion or expensive car will have little relevance. However, the ones holding your hand while you take your last breathe will mean everything. Sure, we all want to make money so that we can significantly provide for our families and even ourselves. That is a great venture; however, a luxurious life is not everything. Happiness is not found in the material world; instead, it is in your heart, your loved ones, and your experiences. Once you realize that you will not suddenly become happy when you acquire lavish items, you will appreciate what you do have and uncover bliss in the small, yet important elements of life. 

Happiness Is...

Enough with what is not happiness. What actually is happiness? Happiness is family, friends and cherished moments. Happiness is something everyone wants, but so many do not have. Why is that? Well, they are looking for happiness in the wrong places, or more accurately, it is the fact that they are even searching for happiness in general. A blissful life is not found or achieved. Delight is family and friends. Joy is faith and God. Happiness is simple. It is the little moments. It is moments where your gut aches from laughing so hard with your friends. Happiness is the nights you spend cuddle upped with your family in front of a fire during the cold winter months. It is the excitement you still feel on Christmas morning. It is the complete sincerity that engulfs your heart when you leave a church. Happiness is the rib-crushing hug you receive from your family when you leave for college. Happiness is the unforgettable, simple moments that are forever etched on your heart.You will be happy when you just start living. When living a happy life, you will not necessarily be happy every single day. There will undoubtedly be moments of heartbreak, sadness, stress and most likely, every other awful emotion, but that is a part of life.Here is the truth about happiness. It is right in front of you. Go be happy.