The Perks of Having an iPhone

One thing we all always have on us is our cell phone. Not only is the cell phone a great resource, but also it has become a necessity. When it comes to cell phones, however, sometimes it isn’t clear what is the best choice for us. It mainly comes down to two operating systems and companies: the iPhone from Apple, and Android devices from Samsung, Google, LG, and more. While Android may seem to have more selection, the iPhone is much better for a few key reasons. Here are a few reasons why we should use iPhones over Android devices.

The Ease of Use

Android devices claim to have unlimited customizing options on any mobile platform. While this may be true, for most of us we are looking for a simple, easy to use device. The iPhone hasn’t changed their layout since 2007. All one needs to do is download an app and open it. This makes the phone and its apps easy to use and learn for any age.

iPhone Updates

One of the most irritating things about Android devices is the software update. There are many different versions of Android, and each one progresses differently. That is why an older version might not get upgraded as fast as a newer phone. With Apple products, everything moves together. The updates come at the same time and are universal for all devices.

The Best Apps Come to Apple First

Since iPhones are the most popular choice, app developers go here first. Some apps, such as Instagram, hit the App Store two years before becoming available to Android users. Also, in regards to updates, Apple guarantees all apps will work on all versions of the iPhone. Android has too many different software options, and it puts added stress on developers.

Best Support System

If something goes wrong with an Android, the only place for help is the online forums. Many users have placed tutorials online that can help with issues, but this often voids warranty options. With Apple products, we can use live chat or schedule an appointment at an Apple Store. This way we can get hands-on help from certified technicians and not have to send our phones in the mail.

iPod Included

Before the iPhone was a phenomenon, Apple was known for their genius music product iTunes. The application is seamless and easy to use, and it comes preloaded on iPhones. With Androids, it is hard to play music that is already on iTunes. The iPhone makes it incredibly easy to stream music without any issues.


One of the worst things about a cell phone is how fast they die. No matter what we do, the battery drains extremely fast. For this reason, it helps to have a charger, but sometimes we forget. Nine times out of ten, anyone you ask will have an iPhone charger. If you have an Android, it will be very hard to have a reliable source of charging. With Apple, it’s never a problem.