The Nature of Succulents

Has anyone else noticed that succulents are everywhere these days? Whether they’re in antique pots or geometric terrariums, succulents are invading home decor one cacti at a time. So what is it that makes these plants so popular?

Easy Maintenance

Perhaps the most obvious reason behind these plants’ popularity is the minimal amount of effort required to keep them alive. After all, succulents only need a little sunlight, good soil, and the occasional watering to grow. This means that they are the ideal option if you tend to kill plants or are often away from home. With these plants there’s no need to get someone to water them when you’re away--they’ll stay alive on their own!

The Cuteness Factor

Not only are succulents sturdy and easy to maintain, but they are also absolutely adorable, particularly because of their size. These tiny cacti are way too cute in their little jars, and they are the perfect accent to the decor of any room. Plus, with several small businesses taking advantage of the trend, these tiny plants are getting even cuter. Now you can find all sorts of planted succulents at stores or online--tiny cacti gardens, modern glass terrariums, or even antique tea containers filled with the little plants.

Attractive Size

Of course, the size of succulents make them cute, but their size is also great for decor purposes. In smaller homes or apartments, these plants fit the space better than a larger plant, while still allowing for a bit of green in the room. Additionally, the size of these plants allows for a variety of options for decorating, since they can fit almost anywhere and also look great grouped together.

Low Cost

The best thing about succulents is that they are typically very inexpensive in comparison to most plants. Depending on how extravagant or modern you want your succulent to be, you can get a single succulent for ten dollars or less, or a terrarium of succulents for around twenty. Succulents are a great choice if you are on a budget, and will live long enough that you don’t have to buy new plants every few weeks.