The Five Best 'Miss You' Songs Needed on Your Playlist!

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Music makes the world go around. Honestly, what would the world be like without music? Dull, lifeless, all of the above and more! Often, we use music for a wonder of things. To inspire. To express. To feel. All of the above! Which brings me this question: what music; moreover, what song relates to the feeling you have as you read this line? Feelings of lost love which were consumed by the best of memories with that one particular person, perhaps? Could you name a song from the top of your head which tells a story about your lost love? If you thought of one; feel free to comment below, and I will listen to it the second you post it. Now, I apologize if that song brought up some good, and some not so good memories of a time you had been involved with someone you miss dearly. If you care to stick around, I have a lot more to go through as we discuss the top five "miss you" songs you (yes you) that need to be on your playlist (even if they make you yearn). Let's begin!

No. 1: K'Naan: 70 Excuses (Country, God, Or The Girl, 2012)

Oh, that is right! If you have read my article about K'naan: A Musician for the Soul, then this should be no surprise to have him on this list; more importantly, number one of all places. Now, I may be a fan of K'naan, but do not mistake this spot at number one as the bestof the five. 70 Excusesis genuinely a bittersweet song in that the melody flows perfect, but the narrative is, well, sad. Much of the story ties in with the title itself in that it develops around, well, excuses, of all things. Have we never made excuses to compensate our love for our special someone? The song's narrative, however, blends together the regret of many of us share including the feeling of having lost that one true love (note: K'naan was once romantically involved with Academy award-winning actress, Lupita Nyong'o). If you are feeling the need for a heart-warming and heart-breaking song, look no further than 70 Excuses.

No. 2: The Oh Hellos - Hello My Old Heart  (The Oh Hellos EP, 2011)

Now, I did not want to give up this up; but it truly is a great song. Folk-band, The Oh Hellos are somewhat an unknown band to the mainstream audience but do not mistake them for poor quality. As one of their breakthrough songs, Hello My Old Heart, is genuinely perfect. Sound, Production, emotion, and everything in - between is what makes this song as great as it is. As you listen to the song, be aware of the narrative being told; discussing the need to overcome pain somehow. The song, otherwise, can be interpreted in other ways of overcoming something, no matter the nature of it. You may understand it different than a miss yousong yourself, but the ideas are whatever you make them. It is soft and sweet, sincere and depressing, and yet, happy and fulfilling. 

No. 3  B.o.B: Lovelier Than You (The Adventures of Bobby Ray, 2010)

This song let me tell you. This song brings up so many feelings of mine, such as feelings of love, hope, and patience for that special someone. As life would have it, destiny for some people may not always be what fate has in store for them. If any song were to summarize the previous sentence, it is this song. Lovelier Than You has to be my favorite song on here because of the acoustic flow B.o.B offers, and the lyricism used to create a story such as this. The song could be formulated as a piece of poetry due to metaphors and similes, and other parts of speech carry you along and move you in ways that not many songs can do. It gives you hope that maybe one day you can live your happily ever after.

No.4: Jidenna, Bambi (The Chief, 2017)

Despite his hit, Classic Man(2015), Jideena still seems to have missed many radars of many music-buffs. Despite that, his single, Bambiblends classic and contemporary melodies and instrumentals which makes it an exceptional song. Similar to K'naan's 70 Excuses, Bamb's story develops through the use of reasons. As the reasons continue the story unravels revealing that love never lasts forever, and we should do our best to hold on to what we love. 

No. 5: The Platters, The Great Pretender (1955)

We have to respect the classics, and this is one of them. As one of the best vocal groups of the 1950s and '60s, The Platters were one of many groups whose music was genuine and heartfelt. One of their biggest hits, The Great Pretenderis a vocal embrace of rhythm and sway as it takes you on the journey of redemption for love. The story is simple, the goal is present, and the message is clear; we all miss someone even though we pretend to be just fine. Each musician contributes their voice to the song, and the doo-wop brings to light the oldie but goodie effect of tasteful music. If you find yourself pretending not to care about lost love, you are lying to yourself. Go and download this gem when you get the chance.