The Course Of Friendship Overtime

Friendship is a unique thing to have. In a world of chaos and loneliness to have someone there to lend an ear to your ideologies is quite lovely. Do we ever put in consideration of how friendships come to be or what happens when it nears its end?  Whether we are young or old, friends come and go but those who remain we consider life-long best of friends. Throughout friendship, there are ups and downs, sadness and joy, hate, and love, but all for the good of maintaining a real connection. 

The Introduction

If we take the time to think about it, I am sure we all can remember the first time we meant our life long friends. As for me, my relationships with my closest friends often seemed too good to be true. For most of us, friendship occurs in the most exciting ways. People may become friends in the most random ways. I first met two of my closest friends after moving to a new neighborhood with a new school; one helped me with a math problem, and the other grew from a frenemy. Some of us had had the benefit of the doubt meeting our best of friends when we were younger. For others, that may have come later, but the relationship is just as strong. We begin to familiarize ourselves with people we feel share similarities with us. When we familiarize ourselves, it is then that we become acquainted with each other. This begins the first stage of friendship, the introduction. 


We may not want to admit it, but throughout our friendships’ history, we often have utilized one another. This sense of usefulness stems from many things; one of those aspects is using friends to fulfill something beneficial to us. It may be something of material usefulness; it can even be something of an emotional usage. What matters is the way we utilize our relationships with our friends that determines whether our outcome will be forever. When we grow with our friends, we may require something from them, anything. If it is a material value; we seek a friendship built around the reliability and substantial gains. 

Friend A needs a ride to work, and friend B is willing to give her a ride whenever he or she needs; the friendship will grow beyond that no matter. We seek emotional fulfillment from each other as well; we find an interest in people who are willing to give us time. It may sound like something beyond friendship and more so intimate, but is friendship not in the same realm as a close relationship? We want assurance that we can rely on someone to have our backs when the going gets tough. We want to know that the potential people we seek friendship are worth our time. We want someone compatible with our feelings just as much as our reliability. Once we make use of these aspects, we come to find that the person we have met is genuine. Long behold, a bond is formed!

The Bond

There is not much to explain here that has not been told already. The bond is as it looks and sounds; two unlikely people have become closer to one another. Once past the stage of usefulness, you have come to realize that your acquaintance shares commonalities with you. The more time spent understanding each other, the more the relationship grows. Things like loyalty, companionship, honor all become a support system between you and your friend. Your bros become family, your besties become the sister you never had, and so on.

The Drift

As the years go by, friendships grow drastically. From asking if you can come out to play to hanging out past curfew talking about whatever. Soon enough, years go by like hours, and what was once a close bond becomes a distant one. You and your friends begin to grow up with different ambitions, different interest, and different responsibilities in life. If you have ever heard the term, “nothing lasts forever,” ironically, it makes sense. Friendship happens to be one of the many things that change throughout time. It does not go without saying that the bond remains the same, but the companionship changes. As we grow up, life intervenes, we grow from sticking by each other’s side to catching up once in a while.  The bond may remain the same, but the feeling of closeness has dissolved. When we reacquaint ourselves with each other, picking up where we left off is just the same as having never left. 

As we transition into this phase of friendship, we accepting the norms and conditions that established our friendship (usefulness) is no longer relevant. We no longer have the ability to control the stability of our bonds. Instead, we adapt to the likelihood of a distant friendship. We grow up believing that everything last forever; love and friendship, life and living, happiness and joy, all of it. In ways, many aspects of love and friendship, life and living, happiness and joy last through the memories we create. As we live life, we create memories filled with joy and satisfaction with those we love and the friendships we cherish.