The Cities & States With The Smallest Population

Only world travelers know about and have been to the cities with the smallest populations. Yet what about the rest of us that never know or get to see those cities? All around the world, each city, town, state, and country has its own unique characteristics and architecture. From the fanciest to the most ordinary, exploring a new city is very exciting and really educational — some people shocking as it may prefer being in a city that only has a few people. Just like being in a big busy city, being in an extremely small city has its ups and downs. The United States may be one of the biggest countries, but these are the states and cities with the smallest population.

Cities With A Population Of One 

Can you believe some cities have a population as small as one? Well, it actually does exist in the city of Hobart Bay, Alaska. It’s unknown just how big or small the actual area is, yet it is known for having beautiful wilderness with a small area of water. The other cities with a population of only one person include Willow Canyon, Arizona, Monowi, Nebraska, and Bonanza, Utah

Cities With A Population Of Ten Or Less

Fulford, Colorado was once a lively and busy town. Now, this quiet town near White River National Forest only has houses for only two people. While Colorado is such a nice state, would you really want to live in a city where only two people exist? Believe it or not, there’s another city in Friedenswald, Missouri and Little Grass Valley, California also exists with only two people. 

Brewster, Florida

What was once a mining town, this small area has been mostly unoccupied with only three people since the shutdown phosphate mine in the 1960s.

Warm River, Idaho

While only three people live here, visitors come here for the scenery and access to nature.

Freeport, Kansas

This quaint Freeport Presbyterian church has a population of just five people. It’s also a historical landmark, is the center of attention in this village.

South Park View, Kentucky

This small town used to be more populated, but now is home to only seven people. It’s the noisy Louisville International Airport that caused many to relocate. 

Funkley, Minnesota

This teeny town of just five people in just a few miles from several lakes including the Red Lake Reservation, Lake Winnibigoshish, and Leech Lake. 

Cities With A Population Of 30 Or Less

Pilgrim, Michigan

This teeny town with only 11 people sits on Portage Lake, a body of water adjacent to Lake Superior.

Tate City, Georgia

This once-growing mining and logging town is now home to just 16 people. 

Manele, Hawaii

Home to just 29 people this gorgeous Maulee Bay and Hulopoe Bay is just a few miles away on the island of Lanai.

Valley City, Illinois

There are just three families that make up this tiny village of 13 people. 

Mound, Louisiana

This small village is just a few miles from the Mississippi River has a population of only 19 people. 

Elkhorn, Montana

This ghost town of only ten people used to be a mecca for silver mining. The Fraternity Hall, a structure used to host town gatherings, is one of the only buildings left. 

Logan Creek, Nevada

With only 26 people, this beautiful city has views of Lake Tahoe offered in this village.

Harbor, New York

Despite New York having the nickname The Big Apple, this small town only has a population of 11 people. This beach town is just north of the Hamptons.

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