The Blessings of Motherhood

The Blessings of Motherhood

Motherhood is a unique experience that can dramatically change a woman’s life. It can change a woman in many ways, some that may be quite unexpected. Although it can be difficult, there is no doubt that motherhood is a blessing. Here are some ways that motherhood is a blessing.

Connecting More to Others

One thing that motherhood will do is connect us more to those around us. From the moment I was expecting my son, I felt more connected to God and other human beings. There is just something about knowing that I was growing a little person that made me feel more connected to the human race.

Time-Management and Multi-Tasking

I am not sure exactly how it happens, but becoming a mother has enabled me to multitask in ways that I did not think were possible. I can now make my son’s bottle, talk on the phone, hold him, and carry a bag at the same time. There are times when I am doing multiple tasks and am unaware of all of what I am doing until I become more present. Often, I have to take breaks as I get interrupted quite a bit. But somehow I can get back to what I am doing.

You Learn More Patience

Although motherhood means you are now busier than ever, you have to learn to take your time to accomplish things to do them right. You have to be present with your child to take the best care of him or her. When your child is sick or in a bad mood, you tend to his or her needs. Also, you focus on your work (whether that is school work or your career) at that particular moment. But to not lose your mind, there are times when you have to slow down. You might even have to take a break sometimes, which is perfectly normal.

You Realize What Is Most Important

Motherhood reminds you of how precious and fragile life can be. You can see the innocence and beauty of life through the eyes of your little one. Somehow it makes trivial things seem less important. Making sure that your baby is safe and happy and keeping yourself as well put together as possible become your priorities. And you rejoice when you have made it through another day.

You Become Stronger

You learn to handle more than you ever thought humanly possible. Emotionally, events that seemed as though they would crush you, in the beginning, help you to find your inner strength. Perhaps you have to work full-time and leave your baby at daycare at a very early age. This can be heartbreaking and even devastating. But eventually, this little baby will get older, get bigger, and get stronger. He or she will develop more aspect to their personality that helps you to see that everything will be alright. Physically, you learn to tote your little one, a diaper bag, and a purse in one trip straight to the car. You never realize how physically strong you can be until an infant is trying to get out of your arms as you carry him or her.

You Want to Set a Good Example

As a mother, you want to set the best example possible for your child. Therefore, you try to let go of bad habits, whether that is eating unhealthy foods, smoking, or even having the wrong partner. You seek to find ways to improve your life through exercise, going back to school, or getting a better job. You know that your little baby is watching and observing everything that you do.

Making Positive Changes

Your baby helps you want to be happier and make more positive life changes. If you were once quiet, you learn how to speak up for yourself. You begin to realize more of your self-worth. Being a mother makes you responsible for another human being, which is a major responsibility. To do it right, you want to live the best possible life. Motherhood can change you in so many ways, especially for the better.

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