The Best Hair Tutorials on the Internet

When it comes to maintaining and doing your hair, it can be extremely overwhelming. Trying to determine what hairstyle to do and what products to use isn't always easy. Having a bad hair day can be avoided by using these easy hair tutorials on YouTube.

Hair Tutorials for Natural Curly Hair 

Jaleesa Moses has over 4 million views for her video Overnight Heatless Curls | Short Hair. In her video, she begins with freshly washed and blows dry her hair. Next, she uses the leave In Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream and Eva NYC Mane Tamer Leave In Cream Alterna Caviar 10 in 1. Then she splits her hair into four sections. She twists the front of her hair counter clock wise and wraps the hair around. Jaleesa makes sure to tuck the ends in to ensure that the curl is secure and tight and continues to do this for all four sections.Her hair is very fine, but if you have thicker hair it's best to add more sections. Afterward, she ties her hair up with a stocking or a silk scarf. To take down the curls she puts a little oil on her hands to prevent frizz. She simply untwists each section and fluffs the curls out with her fingers. This hairstyle is great for creating naturals curls without using any heat.

Preserving Hair Overnight video How I Preserve My Twist Out Overnight NO Re twisting | My Lazy Method has over 70,000 views. Her YouTube channel is great when it comes to natural hair care. If you have full twisted and curly care this is the hair tutorial for you. Begin by rolling each side of the hair under and adding bobby pins. With the hair rolled under it prevents frizz while you're sleeping. Take the rest of the hair and put it in a ponytail then twist it into a bun. Add a ribbon tie or hair elastic, and apply your scarf. The next day, remove the scarf, untwist the hair, and shake the hair loose. This is supposed to last for the whole week depending on the weather. Hall's Best Big Hair Tutorial has over 200,000 views. This is one of the best tutorials for creating a big curly hair look. She uses Living Proof restore collection to wash her hair. Bri combs the shampoo and conditioner through her hair. She lets the conditioner stay in for about 30 minutes then washes it out. After blow drying her hair into four sections she flat twists a little then adds flexi rods. She sleeps overnight with it and takes it down the next day. Her hair is beautiful and bouncy.

Hair Tutorial for Straight Hair Styles you're looking for new hairstyles for straight hair then try this hair tutorial. Alyssa Forever's video 13 Styles for Straight Natural Hair has over 1 million views. In this video, she does a tutorial of 13 different hairstyles. Each is different and relatively easy for naturally straight hair. These styles save time and money in case you want a fun look to do at home.

Hair Tutorial on How to Grow Your Hair's Curly TV has a video giving advice on how to grow your hair. Her video FAQ's: How Did You Grow Your Hair So Long? How Long Did It Take? has over 300,000 views. She says it's best not to use perms because it breaks and damages the hair. She also says stay away from heat and stay consistent with your hair care routine.