Taking A Mental Break

Taking A Mental Break

Every since a lady sent in her request to her boss a few months ago to take a mental health day off from work many of us has said wow that makes perfect sense. I am not physically sick, emotionally drained or broken and I am not spiritually disconnected. I just need a mental break to rest my mind and take a little "me time." What do I need to do to take this kind of break?

Set A Date & Budget

The first thing you will need to do is look at your calendar and start looking for potential dates that you can get away. Decide how many days you will be away. Be sure to pick three to four different dates. You may have to be flexible depending if you work, in school, have deadlines, appointments or obligations scheduled. During this time also determine your budget for your mental health break.

What To Accomplish

Decide why you want or need a mental break. Sometimes the mental break is so that you can regroup, redefine, or reorganize. Sometimes it is a time of rest. On other occasions, it is a time of detoxification and purification. However, a few times it is solely for reassurance, a much-needed break, and pleasure. Whatever your reason, determine it upfront so that you will not be frustrated at the end of your break that you did not accomplish your mission and purpose.

Staycation Or Vacation

Next, you will need to decide if you will stay around your home and city or if will take a trip somewhere. Your budget may help you decide. Do not let this cause stress though. You will have to decide if you are going alone, with your spouse, with your family or with friends. When making this decision take into account the purpose of your mental break and what you want to accomplish. If you need to take time to rest and refocus you may not want to invite a lot of friends that will want to go sightseeing and to shop the entire trip.

Who Will You See

Now you will need to determine who you will see or if you will see anyone at all. Verify if you are going to see someone and if they are available during the times you will be visiting and the real reason you are visiting. You do not want there to be any misunderstanding or hard feelings during your mental health break.

Go For It

Now that you have made your plans begin to enjoy your break; be flexible so that you are not stressed. Remember your reason for the break.

My Mental Break

A couple of weeks ago I took a mental health break. My husband and I both needed it. Both of us had been working lots of hours and just needed rest. We have terrific friends in the lower valley that we had been trying to see for several years. We stayed in contact with them, but it seemed that we just couldn't ever get back to the valley.

My husband had been working 16 - 18 hour days for weeks. He was going to have a break for one weekend. We planned our mental health break for that long weekend. We contacted our friends to check if they would be home and set the date. For the next few weeks, we stayed in touch. There were times that it looked like it might not happen but we stayed focused, and the departure date finally arrived.

Our Purpose

We determined that our purpose was just to rest and relax. We were going to take these four days, enjoy life and the area. We didn't realize that God had an even greater purpose for our trip and us. All of us were looking for validation from someone from someone we respected and understood us just to say "you are on track and all is well."

I learned there is a difference between being wanted and being needed. I am needed. I am fulfilling my obligations, requirements, and job responsibilities. I didn't realize until later that I desired to be wanted by someone who knew and understood me. We were able to spend lots of time together to freely talk, catch up, help each and listen to what is going on each other's life.

Our mental break allowed us to relieve some stress, explore the city we used to live in several years ago, see old friends, get some much-needed rest and finally to return to work with less stress.


A milestone is a significant event in life or history. This mental health break allowed me to reflect on the 16+ years of our lives. It showed me that because of the journey through the winding roads of life we (my family, friends and I) are the people we are today. I am thankful for the many blessings which are the milestones that God has brought me through.

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