This is Why You Should Take More Mental Health Days Off From Work

What Mental Health Is & How It Affects People

Mental health is defined as a person's condition concerning their psychological and emotional well-being. Ensuring that one's mental health is in the right order is just as important as keeping your body healthy. It's important to try to live a stress-free, depression free life. Mental health left untreated leads to psychological disorders, drug and alcohol use, and even death. A mental disorder such as depression is what leads to a destructive path and suicidal thoughts. The National Alliance on Mental Illness says one fourth of Americans suffers from a mental illness. An estimated 83% of Americans suffer from stress caused by the workplace. Most people who have poor mental health due to stress from work believe it's often inevitable and uncontrollable when it’s not.

Why People Are Taking Mental Days Off Work

This movement surfaced when the Huffington Post did a story about an employee asking her boss for a day off for her mental health. The boss responded by not only allowing her to take a few days off but praised for to taking care of her mental health. He also said more businesses should use sick days for mental health. This response has gone viral and has more people thinking about their mental health in the workplace. According to Fox News taking a mental day off work is a right in the work place. These days’ people are taking mental days off just like they do sick days. It gives them time to distress and get their rest. After spending a day off, they come back to work more mentally prepared and productive. According to The Americans with Disabilities Act businesses have to protect workers from discrimination due to mental illness.

Benefits of Taking Time Off for Mental Health

There are so many benefits of taking time off for stress and emotional breakdowns. However, the main advantage is to become a more mentally stable, stronger person. Working in a stressful environment takes a total on the body and mind. People don't abuse alcohol and drugs to deal with stress when they have days off. Taking days off allows the mind to repair and reboot. If the mind is too stressed out, it's harder to think and work productively. According to The Daily Burn employees that are too stressed out have breakdowns at work, yell at a client or customer. These things add to a person’s reputation and affect businesses and brands. The most significant benefit is to be happy and live your life as peaceful as possible.