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The Problem With the Influencer Generation

The existence of social media has inevitably brought about a new demographic of users and creators, many of whom rely entirely on digital platforms to push a product or promote their brand. And while the business side of this industry may be thriving, the social ramifications that have been introduced through these digital mediums are showcasing a whole new kind of issue that younger generations must now navigate.

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Why Talent Needs Hard Work to Flourish

Perhaps you're great at drawing, or maybe your singing makes others weep (hopefully not because of the screeching). When someone says you are "talented," they are usually remarking on your skill level. Many believe that being good at something is inborn and puts us above others. While it’s true that those with talent often start with an advantage, it’s not always so black and white.

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How To Change Your Fingerprint & Place Your Mark On The World

People are born with certain characteristics that identify them as unique individuals. Although the list of differences between one person and another can be quite extensive, one of the most overlooked differences when comparing people is their fingerprint. Usually, people become aware of this difference during the early school years of their life, but somehow or another this knowledge gets stored and lost somewhere in the subconscious.

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