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The Weirdest Phobias

Everyone has phobias some seek counseling for it, while others are so ashamed that they never tell anyone. They don’t want to be judged because they believe their phobia is too weird. Yet did you know more people share that phobia than you realize? Just remember that you are not alone and that no matter how weird your phobia is it’s never to late to get over them.

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Why I Hopped on a Horse for the First Time in a Long Time

I was obsessed with horses when I was younger. Every birthday party I had up until my 10th was a pony party. My parents would get a barn to bring a pony or two to our house and ride short loops around the front yard. When I stopped having birthday parties, I didn't lose my love for horses. I made a couple of trail rides towards the end of middle school and beginning of high school with my dad.

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How Unleashing Your Creativity Can Help Ease Anxiety

Studies show that many creative people suffer from various forms of anxiety, this is most likely due to their keen observation of emotions and feelings. These things are best expressed through a creative outlook like painting, drawing, writing, etc. For most people with generalized anxiety, it can sometimes feel impossible to do certain tasks; specifically ones that are part of their routine.

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