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How Should Schools Deal With Bullying?

In every school, no matter where it is located, it has some form of bullying. So many people have come up with ways to deal with it, even though it still occurs. Some people feel like the school has the responsibility to deal with bullying. Others believe it’s up to the parents, while the rest believe it should be both.

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Becoming A Person of Integrity

One of the definitions of integrity is "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles." It is the firm foundation of all other values and causes you to live consistently with them. Integrity is the foundation of character, which leads to self-discipline so you can do things that an honest person would do, under any circumstance.

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Why You Should Not Treat People as a Means to an End 

In the consumer markets and capitalism of today's time, it can be easy for people to use others as a means to an end. We sell products to customers all for a profit. We use people for our own pleasures and do many other things that render a person as merely a factor in the pursuit of a goal. This not only damages the individual who does it, but damages others, society, and sets a bad example as well.

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