How To Survive The Sugar Haul In October

Every October is the same. Once the trap is set, we fall into cravings and sugar ourselves up only to later regret it. Sugary snacks over the month can turn into complications. Sometimes we forget to watch how much we eat and over-do it. The American Heart Association recommends women should have under 25 grams of sugar. Most Americans go far beyond this. There are solutions. This year can be different. With a little help and guidance, we can walk you through a successful candy month with no regrets, only fun.

Feed Into Indulgence

Not everyone has the willpower to say no. So the first tip is to admit defeat and give in. You heard me right. Give in to those sweet temptations. Sugar-free alternatives are sweet too! If you think they’re hard to find, you’re wrong. Ask an employee or go search online where you usually shop. “Sugar-free” is your keyword this month to save you from the sugar rush. If you don’t find anything appealing, make your own. After All, you have complete control over the ingredients and how much of everything you put in. Pinterest has many sugar-free ideas. To make things more simple, you can always snack on your favorite healthy treats. Stock up on granola, yogurt, or fruits to please that sweet tooth. Make sure to keep the alternative treats at home, in your purse, or even in the car. Cravings can strike at any time and you want to prepare yourself.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

To limit the cravings or thoughts of candy, try keeping it out of reach and out of sight. If you already have candy stored, it’s time to give it away to a friend or neighbor. You can even donate candy. Every community has a need of candy donations for less fortunate. If not, it may be your duty to start one. If you have children who need candy for school, give it to the school early. They’ll be sure to keep it saved for the children. Even if it’s for other events. Give the candy to someone early. Another plan is to not make it your job to be on candy duty. Pass the job to someone else so you can stay away from the candy aisles.

Fill Up

It’s almost impossible to keep candy out of mind for most of us. So instead, fight back. As you get ready to go out on a shopping trip or candied event, eat before you go. Also, carry water with you. These tricks will stuff you up leaving no room or desire for candy. If you would like to enjoy some delights somewhere other than home, fill up on the veggie or fruit trays. Most parties will have a laid out platter. Parties also usually cater to those who also want to stay away from a lot of sugar, but if not, bring your own treats. The party host may thank you for taking care of that part. Then you’ll have zero worries, and will be free to enjoy the party.