Surrogacy? What it is? How Many People Are Doing It?

As the old saying goes every two seconds a baby is born, with 361, 481 born every year around the world, it’s more like 251 babies born a minute worldwide. The world’s population is steadily growing even though the traditional ways of giving birth have changed. Usually, babies were born the old-fashioned way, and now parents are seeking more innovative ways to start a family. These days more women are putting their career first and waiting to have children. As a result, they often reach the end of the childbearing stages and have to seek other ways. Nowadays instead of going through the adoption process people are having children of their own by using surrogates.

What Is A Mother Surrogate? & How Many Are Using Them?

When it comes to using a surrogate as a mother, there are two different types. A traditional surrogate is a woman that is artificially inseminated with the father sperms. Then she carries the baby and delivers it to be raised by the parents. A traditional surrogate is a biological mother, because it was her egg that was fertilized by the father’s sperm. A gestational surrogate is when in vitro fertilization is used. This is when eggs from the mother are used along with the father’s sperm. The embryo is placed inside the gestational surrogate, and she carries the baby and gives birth. She doesn’t have any genetic connections to the baby because her egg wasn’t used. At least 750 babies are born each year using a gestational surrogate.There are numbers of reasons why a mother is resulting in using a surrogate. The most common are problems with the uterus, hysterectomy, high-risk pregnancies and heart disease. In the US there’s an estimated average of 9 babies born via surrogate in each state. From 2008-2014 there was an increase of surrogacy by 255% in Britain. Even the people in Hollywood are using surrogates. Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Angela Bassett, Sarah Jessica Parker among others have publically spoken about surrogacy. It’s also used for couples that are in same-sex marriages and want to have a child with their genetics. Surrogates also provide parenthood to those who are unable to adopt. To some, surrogates are miracles that they couldn’t see their lives without.

The Backlash of Surrogacy

Even though there are so many positives to using a surrogacy, there is also a lot of backlashes. The main reason is that of the legal complications. The legal rights of surrogacy changes from state to state. It’s especially harder for the parents to obtain legal rights using the traditional surrogacy. The rights aren’t guaranteed after a surrogate pregnancy. The laws are always changing as reproductive technology is evolving and parenting is being redefined. The gestational surrogacy has become the more popular method. Another controversy surrounding surrogacy is the success rate. Surrogates that are 35 or older have a 60% success rate. The older the surrogate, the lower the success rate.It can also be very expensive costing $60,000-$120,000 in the US alone. IVF can cost even more ranging from $120,000-170,000. The most significant concern is finding a surrogate. There are not a lot of rules on who can be a surrogate. However, there are surrogacy agency’s that potential users can use to find the best surrogate. They suggest using someone that’s 21 years old or older, has given birth, passed a mental evaluation, and signed a contract. Having a child is an extraordinary gift, that surrogacy is ensuring everyone gets the chance to have.