Subjects You Can Learn Online For Free

Education and experience are hard to come by. Prices can rack up for certifications alone. But, you can learn online for free. Almost any subject you can think of, or need to learn, you can begin right now. Yes, you read that right; a free education. From crash courses to weeks-long classes with some of the best foundations. No excuses anymore, it’s time to learn.


Wanting to learn a foreign language or to brush up on some you think you may know? Duolingo is the one-stop fun stop for foreign language learning. You can start for free today learning Spanish, Italian, French, German, and much more! Duolingo uses interactive phrases and word styles to help you learn. You can earn lingots (to give it a game feeling) to unlock unique mini-courses like pick-up lines. Their team works hard every day to provide you with the best experience of learning.

Tiny Cards

Duolingo also has a tiny cards account. In fact, you can make your own, even for kids. Tiny cards is a flashcard website that helps you crash course anything. It enables you to remember each word or phrase and interact with what you have learned. This is an excellent alternative for those who learn at their own preferred pace. Anything from languages to advanced vocab is already listed waiting for you to study.

Youtube Crash Course

If you learn better with crash courses, look no further than Youtube. There’s a vast assortment of information for you waiting for you. On Youtube, the Crash Course channel is an easy learning channel that you can have fun with. This is also great for refreshers or introductory for specific subjects. They have teachers and presenters that will guide you. You can crash course through subjects like sociology, computer science, economics, and more!

Some subjects take time like computer science. started a huge campaign called Hour Of Code. Their campaign increased computer science participation. They have two program courses. Two courses are for ages K-12. They help introduce computer science and computer languages into the study. It’s great to get any child familiar with learning a programming language. It’s not limited to kids; you can learn this level as an adult. Start with the children and become familiar. It will be fun learning alongside your sibling, student, or child.

Code Academy

Once you are familiar, has a vast list of other programs and courses for you to take. They list Code Academy as one of them. Code Academy is for those ready for advancement. They teach everyone from all levels of knowledge. No need for doubt here. They teach subjects like programming, data science, and web development. You can also learn many computer coding languages such as HTML & CSS, Python, Java, and more.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy also teaches code. They teach a wide selection of subjects. The math list is specific to have what you are looking for. Other subjects include science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, and more! You can get on at any age and learn yourself. Even kids can have their own account. This will not only benefit those who learn from home. It will keep everyone's knowledge strong on direct subjects. Their personalized resources will guide you through many learning opportunities.


Now if you’re thinking, “I want to learn from Universities like Harvard, Princeton, or even MIT. Not crash courses.” Then look no further than Schools like Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Georgetown, and so much more have teamed up with EDX. They teach almost every subject you can think of. You also have the freedom to learn at your own pace and on your own time. Some even use the website to advance their careers. They do offer options of certifications for $99 or more. But, you can jump in any course and begin your free learning. Some courses even offer University credit. Sign up today!