Stylish Water Bottles That Aren't Cheap

Stylish Water Bottles That Aren't Cheap

Plastic Bottles are not doing it for us anymore. They leak, they cause condensation, some have BPA, and they wreak havoc on our planet and lives! But water bottles are harder to find when you’re looking for the perfect one for you. We all want the same thing in a water bottle: we want it to work! With so many brands of bottles out there, how do we know we’re getting the right one? It is not the greatest feeling in the world to buy a water bottle and then have it leak or break like the plastic ones do. So here’s a list of some great water bottle brands that will be your last bottle purchase for yourself.

Matefit: The Cool-Girl Bottle


Matefit is a brand that has been gaining attention due to celebrity endorsements. Celebs like Britney Spears have showcased their Matefit bottles in their music videos. These babies can withstand the heat of super hot teas. They have an add-on screen to help shake up protein powders. This also helps keep that ice from slipping out your bottle and onto your face. You can buy one individually or the whole set: purple, red, yellow, pink, green, black, and blue.

Contigo Autoseal Chill: The Multitasking Bottle


Many yoga goers, teachers, etc. have used Contigo due to its easy carry and on-the-go feel. Their one-touch AUTOSEAL technology leaves your multitasking days easier with one handed usage. Thanks to another innovation of theirs called Thermalock, your water can stay cold up to 28 hours! One of their best bottles, The Autoseal Chill, is BPA free, stainless steel, and has a lifetime warranty.

Yeti Ramblers 20 oz.: The Tough-Guy Bottle


If you’re looking for durability, we’ve found it for you. Yeti is a brand that is known to be cowboy tough. Their stainless steel 20 oz Ramblers are great for any tough challenge you throw at them. These BPA bottles have a No Sweat innovation to make condensation a thing of the past. No more wet hands! Their MagSlider Lid uses magnets that can even keep soda bubbles lasting. There’s no doubt here that these Ramblers are tough.

S'well Water Bottles: The Diva Bottle


For all the fashion divas out there, this is the brand for you! S’well bottles are BPA free, stainless steel, and are super fabulous in make and model. S’well bottles have many layers including copper layer. Their ThermaS’well also contributes to a condensation free design. They have 3 sizes, 9 oz., 17 oz., and 25 oz. These bottles are worry-free for your designer bags. They’ll keep your cold drinks cold and locked in for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12. They are known for their design collections like metallic, shimmer, exotic skins and more!

CamelBak Kid's Eddy: The Bottle for Kids


CamelBak makes different water bottles but their BPA, BPS and BPF free kid’s water bottles are great. With CamelBak Kid’s Eddy bottles, there’s no worry about spills. Their lids are fit for children 3 to 8 and make it durable for what they have in store. And since we all know children bite on everything, they have a safe bite valve. It is also free of BPA and BPS. They also have spare parts in case of any extreme damage, but even reviews say they are pretty durable. Equipped with a clip carry bottle, your child will be good to go. Be sure to follow directions and screw those lids on tight!

ASOBU Skinny Mini: For the girl on the Go


For the lady on the go, these Skinny mini water bottles are cute and petite. These bottles hold 8 oz. of anything, staying cool for 12 hours or staying hot for 6. Even fit for your tiny handbags! Perfect insulation so there’s no worries of spills. Easy hold and carry, even after you’ve done your nails! Being BPA free, dishwasher safe, and plain adorable, you can’t go wrong!

Infusion Pro: The water Infuser


Infusion for your water has been the coolest thing for the summer. For those of you who love flavored water, you should check the Infusion Pro. This specific Infusion Pro water infuser on Amazon and has received positive reviews. Your bottle is mobile with an easy carry strap and insulated sleeve. Infusion Pro is Fused from the bottom so you get every last sweet drop. Comes in strong TRITAN plastic for great durability quality, also BPA free. If that didn’t buy you, they have a lifetime guarantee.

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