Staying Fit During the Summer

If you plan like most people, you spend the months leading up to summer getting in shape. The summer body is becoming a cultural tradition for Americans at this point. Everyone wants to look their absolute best for the beach and all the people on it. But how do you keep that summer body throughout the summer and beyond? Here are a few ways you can stay fit during the summer:


Almost everyone goes on vacation at least once during the summer. After all, this is your time to relax, and indulge after a long nine months of sticking fast to your diet and fitness regimen. The expectation is to cut loose and overeat from time to time during the best season of the year. If you want to stay fit during the summer, however, try to curb this temptation from time to time. Make no mistake; you will occasionally tear through food at family BBQs, fairs, and buffets while you go wild on vacation. However, it can be worth practicing a little temperance for food and alcohol. Moderation can go a long way to preserving all of your hard work leading into the summer; your "Fall body" will be almost as amazing if you make good decisions with diet.

Fitness Routine

Summer creates a lot of great opportunities for your fitness routine, which may be difficult to follow in the whirlwind of activity. Unless you live in the sort of place that stays cold year round, this time of year usually means swimming pools, volleyball, and other outdoor sports are available. Try these activities instead of the typical run or sprint, and get more out of your cardio with some diversity in your methods. Swimming laps, in particular, can be one of the best aerobic workouts you can get, burning hundreds of calories more than a long distance run in a fraction of the time. Team sports, especially intense ones with explosive movements, can get your heart pounding and keep you interested throughout. Think outside of the gym, and remake cardio fun during the summer months.


Dancing and clubbing are popular things to do year round but are especially fun during the summer. Everyone is excited to hit the city with sexy summer styles and hot music. Going out with friends to move and groove is great for socializing, and can also be an excellent full body workout. Dancing can be physically intense, continuous motion with sometimes sudden movements that really challenge your stamina.  But, even the most casual kind of dancing can work your core and make you sweat. Some estimates suggest that people can burn between two hundred to four hundred calories for every hour they spend dancing. In this way, weekend partying can be good for your health. As with sports, dancing hardly feels like a workout and is something most people love to do.  Just make sure you stay hydrated, and on your feet, unless your signature moves call for otherwise.

Schedule Activities That Keep You Active

All sorts of exciting events happen over the summer: fairs, carnivals, beach bashes, parties, and so on. Take advantage of the limited time frame that some of these activities are available, and make them a part of your plans. Most of these activities require you to be active, so you can turn your whole day into a workout without feeling like you did. Fairs and carnivals also have games or attractions that require varying degrees of athleticism as well, but shooting the clown in the mouth with the water gun is, unfortunately, not the biggest of calories burners. Still, attending events and scheduling activities that keep you outdoors, and keep your feet moving, can help to keep you in summer shape even after the dog days are over.Some days during the summer, going outside will be the last thing on your mind. After all, most of your summer will probably be spent out doing things and going places. It can wear you out, and sometimes you need a break. Take that break, but remember that summer, and everything that comes with it only happens once a year. Get the most out of the best time of the year, and keep the summer shape that you worked so hard for along with it.